Seven of the CSKA fans will appear before an Italian court on charges of hooliganism

Seven of the CSKA fans will appear before an Italian court on charges of hooliganism
Seven Russian fans caught in Italy after the riots, arranged on the Roman Olimpiska the stadium during the tournament group stage of the Champions League as Roma — CSKA. About this journalist said at the consular Department of the Russian Embassy in Rome.
According to diplomats, citizens of Russia on charges of disorderly conduct at the stadium will appear before a local court, which will take place in a more expedient manner. Maybe a conclusion about the guilt and the punishment will be taken on Thursday.» It all depends on when will be studied materials of the external surveillance cameras at the stadium,» he pointed at the Consulate.
Russian fans face immediate expulsion from Italy, a ban on visits to all football matches not only in Italy but also the EU, as well as a monetary fine, but it is Possible and imprisonment, as well as among them conditional.
As explained in the Consulate during clashes with supporters Roma before the meeting, damage to health got one Russian fan, and not two, As stated before.» The second injured with head trauma is not a Russian citizen,» he showed the head of the Department.
The health condition of wounded, which is located in the Roman clinic, not a cause for concern, and today, he will go home.
before the local media said that Just.
Clashes between Russian and Italian fans occurred before the tournament group match of the Champions League and were stopped by local law enforcement agencies. Then the riots occurred in the stands, where the Russians and the Italians in the middle of the second half started throwing each loved one lit firecrackers. The referee even had one minute to stop the game. In Rome to Express support for CSKA came about seven hundred fans. In total, the stadium was about 50 thousand people, mostly fans of as Roma.
CSKA suffered a major defeat with the score 1: 5. The return Game will take place in Moscow on November 25

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