Sergey Galitsky: the idea is to collect the football team of the Russian Federation in one club RFPL — socialism

Sergey Galitsky: the idea is to collect the football team of the Russian Federation in one club RFPL - socialism
The idea is to bring together all the players of the national team of Russia on football in the same team, so she spent one season in the championship of Russia-2017/18, harmful both For the team and For the national championship. This opinion in the talk with the journalist expressed the Vice-President of the Moscow «Dynamo» Gennady Solovyov.
A similar idea in a conversation with journalist was expressed by the Secretary-General of the Russian football Union (RFU) Anatoly Vorobyov. For reviews of the functionary, the national team of the Russian Federation For successful performance at the world Cup 2018 basic needs of the team that would play in the Russian League with the provisional name «Russia-2018″. The Secretary-General believes that the team should be made up of players that are invoked periodically in the Russian national team and representing leading Russian clubs. To train the team «Russia-2018″, believes sparrows, obliged the head coach of the Russian Federation Fabio Capello.
the head of Krasnodar Sergey Galitsky, after hearing the main provisions of the concept proposed by the Secretary-General of the RAF, with his hand, said: «This is socialism. More nothing to add».
The question should be put differently
«I have always believed and will believe that the best preparation of players is only in the clubs,» said Soloviev. This idea is counter-productive. Even if you assemble such a team, then it can literally relax due to the complete superiority over others. Or Vice versa, she will suffer permanent damage, and the boys literally lost confidence in their own abilities. You should not reinvent the wheel, no country in the world does Not exist, so it is Not necessary to be innovators in this matter. Here the Question should be put differently — to make it more closely club coaches and coach. But it currently has. And such ideas we’ll change our championship team and obviously will Not help. Moreover fans just do Not understand when the leading clubs in the country will consist entirely of foreign players».
To participate in a friendly match with the team of Azerbaijan (4: 0) and in-game qualifying round of European championship 2016 with a team of Liechtenstein (4: 0), which was held on 3 and 8 September respectively, in the Russian national team were called the three Dynamo players — defending Player Vladimir Granat, midfielder Aleksei Ionov and striker Alexander Kokorin.
famous coach, And now football Manager Valery Gazzaev, at the end of summer presented the program of reforming of Russian football, the idea Vorobyov called frivolous, but refrained from detailed comments.

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