Sergey Cheban: RFU and Premier conduct dialogues on the return of beer at stadiums

Sergey Cheban: RFU and Premier conduct dialogues on the return of beer at stadiums
The Russian football Premier League (RFPL) and the Russian football Union (RFU) conduct dialogues on the resumption of the sale of beer in the stadiums. About this journalist said the Executive Director of the League Sergey Cheban.
«at this moment we are dialogues between the RFU and Premier. It is important to consider the legislative part of this question. The return of beer advertising in the stadiums is a positive example in this issue,» said Cheban.
yesterday the owner of «Krasnodar» Sergey Galitsky Twitter spoke with the initiative to sell beer in the bars at the stadium after the game.» why beer is not to discuss the game and not show on TV the next one, and the club will earn a little money,» wrote Galitsky.
«any idea of this kind of cost-effective, drew attention Cheban.- I agree that the stadium all obliged to help people rest. Moreover, we have already received some relief in this matter because the future world championship. In the whole of Europe to allow the sale of beer in the stadiums. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with that».
As said yesterday the start of the season, the head of the Premier Sergei Pryadkin, the League plans to enter into a sponsorship agreement with one of the largest brewing organizations, but will not interfere with the clubs conclude their sponsorship agreement with its competitors.
in early July, the State Duma passed the Law at the time of suspending the ban on beer advertising in the stadiums, in magazines and on television. The law allows the placement and distribution of such advertising During broadcasts of sporting events, as well as among them sports games, games, fights, races, also As a live and recording, as well as on TV channels specializing in materials and messages sporting character. During the official sports activities are allowed and dissemination of advertising is not only beer and beer drinks, but their manufacturers in sports and recreation, sports facilities and at a distance closer than 100 meters from them. Advertising of beer-based beverages are allowed in periodicals except for the first and last pages of Newspapers, as well as the first and last pages and covers of magazines.
These rules will be in effect until January 1, 2019

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