Rustem Khamitov: the reconstruction of the stadium oilman in Ufa will cost 800 million rubles

Rustem Khamitov: the reconstruction of the stadium oilman in Ufa will cost 800 million rubles
The reconstruction of the stadium «Neftyanik» in Ufa will have a value of 800 million rubles and will End at the beginning of winter this year. About this journalist said the head of the Republic of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov.
«The reconstruction of the stadium» Neftyanik «will End in October this year,» said Khamitov.- Currently, the update process of the arena is placed in the planned schedule. Taking into account the necessary certification, I Think That for the new year the stadium will be put into use. Needless to say, 300 million rubles we will Not suffice. This is the amount that was sent to the 1st stage of the restoration process. The second stage will have a value, presumably the same, and in General» Neftyanik «will cost us approximately 800 million At the end We will get a good stadium economical option where you can play football in the Premier League and athletic competition».
Khamitov also told about the fact That Ufa will qualify for a chance to take one of the teams participating in the world Cup in 2018.» Ufa filed a petition to one of the teams participating in the 2018 world Cup was based here. Our city has a good international airport, as well as remoteness from cities that will host matches, will help teams to plan convenient logistics During the tournament», — noted he.
Khamitov said output of «Ufa «in the Russian football Premier League was a surprise To the leadership of the Republic.» For us the output of» Ufa «in the Premier League was unexpected. In the corner stood the principle of sport and our team managed to climb to the top division of Russian football. Without a doubt, it is a great joy For all, but For some, this situation turns internally difficulties, for example, the funding of the club, the construction and preparation of sports facilities. We expected That the club will be in the Premier League in 2015-2016 year, but it happened earlier. Currently, We picked up the club sponsors, but still could Not so long as to reach the level of payment that is provided For members of the Premier League. On the reverse side We do Not try to approach the standards. There is an opinion That the funding of the club’s elite division is at the level of 1 billion, but We think That it is possible to contain the club, having less money,» said Khamitov.
the head of the Republic told about the possible combination of positions of head coach, «Ufa» Igor Kolyvanov in the national team of Russia.» I haven’t talked With Igor Kolyvanov on the question of its possible occurrences in the coaching staff of the national team, but I think That if he will be able to combine work at the club and national team — it will be For us the ideal option. The option of leaving the team, We do Not consider,» said he.
Khamitov said That they do Not see the problem in That «Ufa «can play the matches of the Czech Republic football team on a neutral field.» Regarding the situation With the reluctance of the Bashkir MIA to Premier League matches at the stadium» Dinamo «- law enforcement, I also can understand. No one wants to risk. After all football fans differ from hockey, most importantly, their behavior, they are more unpredictable. Our law enforcement is reinsured, I Think somewhere it correctly. I think That there will be nothing wrong if the» Ufa «will play their matches on a neutral field. How would react to this fans? It will be necessary to build the buses to take them to matches in a different city. Do not make this tragedy and to politicize the issue «»

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