Ruby wants to earn on the transfer of the player in football Eremenko more than CSKA

 Ruby wants to earn on the transfer of the player in football Eremenko more than CSKA
Guide Kazan Rubin hopes to receive a large sum for the transfer of midfielder Roman Eremenko than CSKA Moscow. About it at the meeting with media professionals said the General Director of the Kazan club Airat Garayev.
Rubin addressed the International Federation of football associations (FIFA) with a complaint on the provisions of the termination of the contract of midfielder Finland Roman Eremenko. On the first day of the week it was announced that Eremenko has completed a contract for 4 years with CSKA Moscow. It claimed that the player terminated the contract with Rubin concluded in 2011, unilaterally, guided by paragraph 17 of the FIFA regulations on the status and transfer of players.
in Rubin hope to compensation for the transition Eremenko.» The figures, which hopes CSKA, slightly lower than the amount that wants to get» ruby», — he said.
according to the General Director, Eremenko took advantage of the so-called rule of «protected period», when the player can unilaterally terminate the contract with the club. However, according to the remark Garayev, «the clubs are trying to sign contracts with players who have left their own club under this article».
Despite this situation, «neither the leadership nor the players have a bad attitude towards this player.» Roma is very great professional, in the future we will watch his game, let’s wish him good luck in all games, well except tournament Rubin, of course,» said Garayev.
Eremenko has joined Rubin in 2011 from Dynamo Kyiv. For two seasons from Kazan team he spent 73 of the tournament and scored eleven goals

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