RFU: giving professional status will benefit the Russian football referees

RFU: giving professional status will benefit the Russian football referees

to the question, what prevents Russian referee to give professional status, Ivanov said, «maybe part of the judges, when they sign the contract, is a little frightening that poor refereeing them have the ability to suspend the service matches. If the player can accept the fact that sitting on the bench, the judge is not. In addition, If I am not mistaken, there are some obstacles in the legislation».
above the head of the judicial Department of the RFU Nikolai Levnikov told journalist TASS that «getting Russian referee professional status depends on the sponsors.»"» then (location sponsor) judges could enter into contracts, receive salaries and bonuses for good work. You want to discover 20 of chief justices and 30 assistants who could work in the field and to increase their skills,» said the Levnikov.
According to Ivanov, football referees have professional status, for example, in the championship of England. However, drew the attention of the head of the Department of refereeing and inspection of the RFU, the judges serving matches RFPL, judging is often the main activity, although formally they are not professionals.
The contract, which the referee sign with the RFU, which lasted one season, said Ivanov

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