RFPL: match reserves the Zenith was suspended because of the danger of running fans on the field

RFPL: match reserves the Zenith was suspended because of the danger of running fans on the field
The match of the first round of the Czech Cup in Tula between local Arsenal and Zenit was a real threat of mass running fans of the St. Petersburg club on the field, for this reason the meeting was suspended. About it at the press conference said the Director of the Russian football Premier League (RFPL security Alexander meitin.
at the 19th minute of the tournament, the fans of «Zenith» massively tried to climb over the fence and ran onto the field, resulting to the podium guests were concentrated additional police force, and the game was stopped for four minutes. This incident will be discussed at the meeting of the Control and disciplinary division of the Russian football Union (CDC RFU) on 6 August.
«This match in the early concerns of the day of the airborne troops,» said Matin.- For Tula is a big celebration. But we took all warranties from the police and local authorities that will be able to play at a decent level. Law enforcement agencies have shown themselves to be quite respectable. She walked on contact».
«Was marred by the behaviour of the fans from St. Petersburg, who climbed the fence, began to shake,» continued Matin.- There was a Danger of destruction of fences and running fans on the field. Protective mesh was broken. The judge adopted a conclusion on suspension of the tournament To restore order on the guest platform. Coach» Zenit», Sergei Semak first ran up and began to convince fans to return to their seats. Before the match was stopped, was given the command to bring a group of Riot police to block the rostrum. Once the incident has been exhausted, the police withdrew. I wish to say about the Arsenal fans — a very pleasant audience, behave decently, Mat was not shouting. Skirmishes between them and the Zenit is not fixed «»

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