Poltavchenko: Zenith arena in St. Petersburg will host the matches of the championship of Russia on football in 2016

Poltavchenko: Zenith arena in St. Petersburg will host the matches of the championship of Russia on football in 2016
Stadium «Zenit arena» will have the opportunity to take the first matches of the Russian football championship in 2016, said on Thursday the acting head of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko after a visit to the constructed object.
«by the time I can say that in 2016 will be adopted match of the championship of Russia in 2017 — the confederations Cup in 2018 — world championship football,» said he.
Poltavchenko considers reasonable costs of the construction of the stadium
Solid waste on the construction of this sports facility Poltavchenko considers reasonable.» There were many conversations about the cost of a 34, 9 billion. This is money that is invested in Russian and St. Petersburg economy. 32, 5 billion — money that was spent on the purchase of materials, equipment and other necessary things, besides 90% of purchases made in St. Petersburg, on the remaining 10% in other cities of Russia», — said the acting head, adding that 90% of contractors Is a Russian organization.
The stadium is laid in the Western part of Krestovsky island in 2007. His project was amended three times: in 2008, 2010 and 2013. Every time the cost of the arena was increased from an estimated at the beginning of 6, 7 billion to possible 43, 8 billion rubles — this amount mentioned «before sunset «in the penultimate examination. However, the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation demanded to reduce the cost of up to 35 billion rubles, abandoning non-core areas.
Final technical and construction part of the project were approved in 2014. The total cost of the arena was 34, 9 billion. The General contractor of the object is» ETS «(included in» Transstroy «Oleg Deripaska).
In addition to the estimate Petersburg will spend 2, 87 billion rubles for the restoration of the input group (former Kirov stadium, which is being built Zenit-arena), development of parks, surveillance systems, access and landscaping of the adjacent territory. Competition for these works was declared on 21 August

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