Players Ural lost the Terek in the championship game of Russia

Players Ural lost the Terek in the championship game of Russia
Grozny «Terek» in the opening match of the sixth round of the Czech Cup beat away «Ural» and rose to 2nd place in the standings. Meeting in Yekaterinburg ended with the score 1: 0 in favor of visitors.
Groznensky two points behind Zenit, one ahead of Spartak and Dynamo, two — Krasnodar and Kuban. None of the opponents of «Terek» their sixth round has not yet been performed.
«Ural» extremely started the season poorly, but because the favorite of the tournament was opposite the great launched «Terek». The main problem of the Urals is injury Spartacus Gogniev, which is associated with the main hopes of the team in attack. Throughout the tournament, both teams tried to attack a lot, and the goalkeeper had no time to show his reaction. The only goal was scored in the error defense «Ural», which allowed Oleg Ivanov freely accept the entered due to lateral the ball to move to the gate and knock. Ending the meeting was held in the attacks of the Urals, however competent defense of the guests were not allowed orange and black to equalize.
«Terek» scored 13 points in 6 matches, equalling the best start in the history of the club for eight seasons in the elite division of Russian football. Similarly, the team started the season 2012/13, when the beat «Krasnodar», «Volga», «Dynamo» and «Spartacus» played draw with «Wings of the Soviets» and losing «Alania». In the end, the season Groznensky finished in eighth place.
«Ural» ( «Uralmash» ) in the total difficulties spent 7 years in the Premier League (top League), and the current start (1 point in 6 matches) is for the Urals worst in history.
«Terek» is the only team in the Premier League who have not signed in the offseason single beginner. The transfer window in Russian football will be closed September 1, and the head coach of «Terek» Rashid Rakhimov promised that fresh Players in the team will occur.
goalkeeper grosnez Jaroslav Gozur became the leader of the championship of Russia by the number of «dry» matches in the season. Meeting in Yekaterinburg became the fourth in which he had not missed goals. Hit the gate of Hazura were only able Rubin (1: 1) in the 2nd round and CSKA (0: 1) 3-m
«Ural» missed 298 th goal in the elite division. To round numbers account can bring Amkar with which black and orange will play in the Urals Derby in the 7th round of the championship

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