Players torpedo lost to Krasnodar in the championship game of Russia

Players torpedo lost to Krasnodar in the championship game of Russia
Players of the Moscow «torpedo» lost «Krasnodar» in game 5-th round of the championship of Russia. Meeting at the stadium Saturn Ramenskoye near Moscow ended with the score 0: 3.
on the Second conditionally home game «torpedo» in the next season it was slightly more fans than the game of the 3rd round of «omkaram». The most it felt to be on the podium, which brings together the most active fans of black and white. After the last meeting in Ramenskoye Authorized the football community and the authorities responded very negatively about the fans «torpedo» and their uncompromising struggle with the management of the club, for which, in their vision, all means are good. Thus, the security Director of the Russian football Premier League (RFPL) Alexander meitin was outraged by the abundance of offensive «slogans» in the performance of gained and said that the League will take action against them. However, black-and-white fans remained true to himself and the game, «Krasnodar» continued to fire club President Alexander Tumanova, absolutely Not hesitate in expressions.
The management of «torpedo», for its part, promised quality to strengthen the team in the near future. For example, yesterday games Vice-President of the club Boris Ignatiev said that, in practice, agreed rules rentals midfielder Spartak Cyril Kombarov and striker Dynamo Fedor Smolova. According to Ignatiev, both transfers are required to be held next week, But as long as it’s difficult to imagine, considering the fact that the team had imposed a ban on registering new players.
in the end, «torpedo» in his field yielded Russia, which held a regular rotation players, giving the rest of the leaders of the team, such as Ari, Joaozinho and Andreas Granqvist. Of the distinguished guests Vladimir Bystrov (62nd minute), Anderson (65) and Mauricio (90).
This match was the 1st in the history of confrontation between «torpedo» and «Krasnodar». Before that, the team did Not play each other.
in the starting lineup, «Krasnodar» for the First time this season went one of the most experienced veterans of the Russian Premier League — 40-year-old midfielder Ruslan Adzhindzhal. He has become the oldest outfield player, who appeared on the field this season. Before the age of 40 years old next season played goalkeepers Dynamo and the Tula Arsenal Roman Berezovsky and Alexander Filimonov.
similarly in the «Krasnodar» 1st match against his former team conducted midfielder Yuri Gaza, defended the colors of «torpedo» in the 2012/13 season.
«Torpedo» in the game «Krasnodar» for the First time left the field without a goal since returning to the Premier League. Before black and white were regularly scored opponents at least once. Goalkeeper «torpedo» Yuri Zhevnov, for its part, passed in 4 of the starting five games of the new season. The only «dry» match Zhevnova in the fourth round against Ural (2: 0).
«Krasnodar», starting the championship with a goalless draw with «Lokomotiva», scored against opponents fourth match in a row. Also this is the third match in a row for the bulls next season, when the team is different at least twice.
in the upcoming round of «torpedo» August 30, will play with «Mordovia» on the road, and Krasnodar August 31, will take in his field Dynamo Moscow.
explanations After the tournament
Oleg Kononov, head Coach of «Krasnodar «:» 1st time we failed. But during the break, drew conclusions and played more then collected, scored goals and took a very important 3 points on the road. We did a rotation of players, we can say that in such a combination were the First time. I hope this rotation will help us in the game in the Europa League».
Vladimir Bystrov, midfielder of «Krasnodar «: «in the first half of the game we didn’t have a little movement, poorly kept the ball. During the break, Oleg Kononov had a serious conversation with the team. The First time I saw him raising his voice. In the 2nd half We regrouped, Began to play better. Role played and replacement of Marat Izmailov. I just didn’t say that We won the class — it was a hard and deserved Victory. About the return leg against real Madrid by Sociedade «there Was no time to think, will do it later».
Marat Izmailov, midfielder «Krasnodar «:» Victory has given us hard, don’t even know why. Importantly, all ended in our favor. Schedule of games in 3 days by itself, in principle, not bad, because in the European Union in practice all play this rhythm and are always in good shape. Maybe the flights and road impacts. Is it hard to go out on a replacement? I’m Not the 1st day in the team, and for me it Was enough to know what position I go, and what to do on the field, I know. The coach was asked to establish oversight of the ball in midfield, what happened. I think the final result came out.
Nicholas Savichev, head Coach of «torpedo «: «1st time is the best game» torpedo «in the current season. Perfectly looked in the attack, well combined, creating chances, But the implementation failed. The second half is one disappointment, simply failed. Began to cuddle up to the gate and to create for rivals free zones, which led to this result. Not enough length benches to enhance the game. It was evident that most of the Players the basic structure just tired. Sergei Davydov damaged hamstring, He will prepare for the next game «»

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