Players Terek defeated Amkar in the championship game of Russia

Players Terek defeated Amkar in the championship game of Russia
The players of «Terek» achieved a major victory over «omkaram» in the home match of the first round of the championship of Russia. The meeting ended with the score 4: 0.
The match in Grozny graduated from the program starting round of the championship. Leaders of the tournament are achieved victories with a difference of 4 goals against Dynamo, «Zenith», «Spartacus» and «Terek».
The stadium «Akhmat-arena» was in poor condition, which could not affect the game. In the first half, the opponents often wrong and, although we created chances to score, to score and failed. On the contrary, after the break the hosts, as having received an additional impulse, ran forward and crumpled defensive orders Perm. The score was opened by the Polish midfielder «Terek» Maciej Rybus, after which an interval of four minutes the gate Sergei Narubin struck Igor Lebedenko and Mauricio. The outcome of the meeting summed up the same Ribose who scored twice due to ricochet from the opponent, standing in the wall at the execution pole penalty.
This victory was for grosnez 50-m home success in the elite division of Russian football. In addition, she became the first largest in the history of the confrontation of «Terek» and Amkar. First, none of the players managed to beat the other with a difference of more than 2 goals.
«Amkar» up to eleven matches extended their series with no wins in the championship of Russia: the 2nd part of last season the team started with a big win over FC Volga «(5: 1), but then did not win any of the ten meetings.
In the 2nd round of the August 9 «Terek» will play at home to Rubin Kazan, while Amkar August 8, will take in his Field «Ufa «»

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