Players Roma defeated CSKA Moscow in the Champions League game

Players Roma defeated CSKA Moscow in the Champions League game
The players of CSKA lost, big Italian «Roma» in his first match in the group stages of the Champions League in the group that is Meeting, held at the Olympic stadium in Rome, ended with a home win with the score 5: 1.
For Roma, which hurts the vast number of the inhabitants of the capital of Italy, return to the Champions League was a great event. About This endlessly repeated on TV, on the radio And leaves all the local Newspapers. Pregame hype from the owners was very great, And felt he was Still the day before the game.
against this background, the coaching staff And players of CSKA tried to remain calm, confidence And equanimity. And before the match It was very good, But to the game itself, to What was waiting for them on the field, They were not ready.
The rostrum of the main stadium of Rome were not filled to capacity, visually it seemed That they were attended by 50 thousand fans, although, according to official data, attendance was 40 888 spectators. When this is filled to the eyeballs «Kurva court» (fans tribune) had such a powerful voice of support to their subordinates That it would be enough for the 10 of clubs in the Russian Premier League.
Fans of CSKA, of which there were about seven hundred people, tried to repel the Italian «tiffozi, besides some of them have done This not only through the vocal cords, But physical strength. They climbed on the fence adjacent to the podium, on which sat the fans of Roma, But the stewards after a few minutes, drove them back. In the 71st minute of the match even had to stop the fans from both teams began to throw each loved one flares. Employees of the security service of the arena And law enforcement agencies quickly localized conflict. The sector with the fans of CSKA profit Employees of the police organization, And the Meeting resumed.
What about the game itself, Then she CSKA did not succeed. In the fourth minute the score was opened by Juan Manuel Iturbe, and to the 31st minute on the scoreboard already burned 4: 0 — double scored Gervinho, And Another ball scored Maicon. In addition to all the troubles in the 50th minute the ball into his own net cut Sergei Ignashevich — 5: 0. Final score 1: 5 installed on the 82nd minute, Ahmed Musa scored the «goal of prestige».
Another good ball players CSKA has not scored: after hitting Kirill Panchenko in the 85th minute the ball against the crossbar fell over the goal line, and then went out in the field. But the referee behind the goal the goal was not recorded.
This was not the first Meeting between CSKA And «Roma» in history. In the season of 1991-92 lot brought these teams in the first round of the Cup winners ‘ Cup, And Then the top is too took the «Roma». The Italians defeated the army in the capital of Russia with the score 2: 1, and the houses lost 0: 1.
While CSKA for the second consecutive season starts the group stage of the Champions League with a crushing defeat on the road. Last year the army team were beaten by Bayern Munich with the score 3: 0. Then CSKA Moscow in the group stage in the competition with the Munich club, Manchester city And Czech Viktoria-Plzen» scored only 3 points And last place. This season the team again expected to play against Bayern And Manchester city.
«Roma» was last played in the Champions League in 2010/11. Then the wolves managed to reach the 1/8 finals, where they lost to Shakhtar Donetsk. The «Roma» has positive statistics meetings against Russian clubs — five wins in six games and lost one. CSKA before the tournament against Roma in the last 2 exit meetings the European Cup in Italy was invariably successful. In the Europa League-2010/11 CSKA defeated in Sicily «Palermo» (3: 0), and in the 2011/12 season played at the check-out inter Milan in the last match of the group stage of the Champions League And reached the 1/8 finals, where the sum of the 2 matches lost to real Madrid (1: 1 at home And 1: 4 away).
The main Roma coach Rudi Garcia has already met with CSKA Moscow Leonid Slutsky in the Champions League-2011/12, when he headed the French Lille. In the home match Lille played with CSKA draw 2: 2, and on the road defeated with the score 2: 0. While CSKA won the group second place and Lille is the fourth.
Also first on the football field in the framework of the Champions League against each loved one played the captain of as Roma Francesco Totti And Player protection CSKA’s Sergei Ignashevich. In the season 2000/2001, when Ignashevich played for the capital» locomotive», «Roma «has prevailed railwaymen at home with the score 2: 1, And the decisive goal scored by Totti. In the Russian capital Also user took» Roma «with the score 1: 0.
Also three times against CSKA played in the Champions League, as a player of inter, the Player protect Roma’s Maicon. In the season 2007/08″ inter «with Maicon outplayed CSKA 4: 2 in the group match, and in the 2009-10 season inter twice beat CSKA 1: 0 in the quarterfinal match. Then the» inter «in the end won the Champions Cup.
In the 2nd round of the group stage in group E September 30, CSKA at home to take Bayern Munich, as Roma on vieze will play against Manchester city.
explanations after the tournament
Leonid Slutsky, CSKA head coach: «the Meeting was lost in the first few minutes. We were just not ready to face the opponent. There are questions to himself as a coach who failed to prepare the team. If missed in the end, there would be an opportunity to talk about physical fatigue, But when the score was 0: 2 already in the 10th minute, It is of mental character.» Roma, without doubt, a strong team, But We were helpless on each area of the field. The moment was Seydou Doumbia, could change the course of the meeting, But At the present time to talk about It later, as it was missed.»

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