Players of Zenit beat Dynamo, extending the winning streak at the start of the Czech Republic To seven matches

Players of Zenit beat Dynamo, extending the winning streak at the start of the Czech Republic To seven matches
Players Zenit St. Petersburg won the Moscow «Dynamo» in the game 7-th round of the championship of Russia. The meeting in St. Petersburg at the stadium «Petrovsky» ended with the score 3: 2.
during the match the fans of «Dynamo» is quite able to feel like you are at the stadium «Petrovsky» in practice, the masters, because their main counterpart is the «fan curve» Zenit — the game was not allowed. The Russian club has been punished by the Control and disciplinary Committee of the Russian football Union (CDC RFU) 2 matches without spectators and three without fan tribune «Zenith» for the riots that occurred on matches of these teams in the 29th round of the championship the previous season. Then in the end the fans blue-white-blue massively erupted on the field, and one of them struck the defender’s white-blue Vladimir Grenade. The match was disrupted, and Zenit awarded to all other technical defeat.
in this season Two home games In an empty stadium «Zenit» have already played, and quite successfully (8: 1 with the «torpedo» and 1: 0 with the «Ufa» ), it is now the turn of the meetings without the «bend». 1st this Match was in the fifth round, and Zenit beat Amkar (2: 0), the second — for the game against Dynamo, and the last on the fundamental confrontation with «Spartak» in the ninth round.
in the end, the lack of turn» was not an advantage for Dinamo. Blue and white opened the scoring in the 18th minute effort Mathieu Valbuena, but even Before the break the ball twice visited the net Roman Berezovsky. First Douglas in the 28th minute made the goal, and in the 40th minute against opponents struck by Andrey Arshavin. In the 2nd half, the blue and white found the strength to fight back — with a pass Valbuena scored a goal against Yuri Lodygina sent head Christopher Samba (82nd minute), but at the end of the meeting Igor Smolnikov brought the hosts a victory of 3: 2.
Mathieu Valbuena scored the second goal for the Dynamo this season of the Premier League With five scoring passes. Andrey Arshavin for the First time distinguished in the following season, but in the 54th time in his career for the St. Petersburg club in the championship of Russia.
The history of confrontation between Zenit and Dynamo in the championship of Russia has now 39 meetings. In the previous 38 games, as they won 16 wins, 9 losses and 13 draws. In comparison with Spartak, Lokomotiv and CSKA Dynamo is the only Moscow club, with whom their positive balance of meetings. Only in matches against Dynamo in the framework of the Russian championship, Zenit scored 51 the ball, conceding 41.
Zenit won 7 straight wins at the start of the championship this season. Thus, ended a run of repeated record the initial spurt of «Rubin» in 2008. By the way, in that season Kazan club for the First time became the champion of the country.
Zenit can’t beat Dynamo In the next 4 matches, but two of them were broken by the fault of the fans of the St. Petersburg club and ended for them by technical failure 0: 3. The other two games ended in a draw. Also Dynamo is only as long as the club in the Russian Federation, who was able to beat Zenit under the leadership of andrГ© Villela-Boas.
The current head coach of «Dynamo» Stanislav Circassian populations as a coach has never played at Petrovsky. Before today’s game, he was held against Zenit 7 matches, leading the Moscow «Spartak» Grozny «Terek», Perm «omkaram» and the blue and white, where he scored 3 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats. Both times the team Cherchesov — «Terek» and «Amkar» — lost to Zenit at home.
Zenit and Dynamo struck each other the biggest defeat in history. First Dynamo in the championship of Russia in 2003, defeated at home «Zenith» with a score of seven: 1, and August 8, 2007 St. Petersburg answered within the Cup, having humiliated in 1/8 finals white-blue with a score of 9: 3. This Match, By the way, as long as it remains the most productive in the history of Russian football.
Zenit and Dynamo have the prolonged current goal-scoring series in the championship of Russia: St. Petersburg score for 16 matches in a row, Muscovites — 10. In seven of the last face-to-face matches Dynamo invariably scored Zenit.
The defending player Zenit Nicolas Lombaerts held against Dynamo own 150th Match in the championship of Russia.
in the upcoming round Zenit will play on September 21 at the exit «Rostov» and «Dynamo» day later equally will hold a meeting with the Moscow » torpedo «»

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