Players of Spartak played a draw with red Star in the opening match of their stadium

Players of Spartak played a draw with red Star in the opening match of their stadium
Players of Spartak Moscow drew with Serbian club red Star» in a friendly match, timed To coincide with the official opening of the new stadium red-white — Open Arena. The meeting ended with the score 1: 1.
«Spartacus» has found its own home
September 5, without a doubt, will go down in history «Spartacus» as one of the most joyous And festive days. Red-white club, team And fans at last, After long years of wandering, found their own own house. Let the stadium is called «the opening of the arena, but as soon as you exit the metro station «Spartacus» And look at the arena, And just disappear all the questions about who her owner. And on the outskirts of the stadium, And the inside of the bowl all soaked in red-white spirit.
Although the match started After seven in the evening, the festival was already half of the 5th, when only began to let fans into the stadium. Their services was shown a DJ set, as well as a concert by popular artists, each of whom praised the football Spartak. The culmination of the celebration was the speech of the host club, Leonid Fedun And sports Minister Vitaly Mutko, who announced the opening of the second stadium in Russia, which will host the matches of the 2018 FIFA world Cup.
After the speech of officials all fans, of whom gathered in the stands more than 37 thousand, stood up to sing the club anthem, which from the stage he performed a famous rocker And long Spartak fan Valery Kipelov. While the stadium scoreboard was shown the video, the plot of which was Gladiator, whose statue stands on the approach To the stadium. This Gladiator was victorious pace in Moscow, bringing a whole red-and-white army of Spartak fans, And led Them To a new arena. Retrospective frames were glorious victories And won titles, all-knowing «Spartacus». In the end, the presentation went really beautiful, powerful And very touching.
Draw in the opening match
on the football field, where This evening Moscow’s red-and-white took the club from Serbia, rivals broke the world. On the 8th minute Dmitry Kombarov opened the scoring in the game, and in the 83rd minute Luka Jovic restored the balance.
By the way, despite long-standing And strong fraternal ties that bind the fans of «Spartacus» And «red Star», the field team met for only the second time in history. Their 1st match was held in February 2008 And were also friendly in nature, the team played under the Cup of the First channel in Israel. Then prevailed «Spartak» with the score 5: 2.
Fans of Spartak managed to make friends even in the last century. In 1999 Spartak met in the qualifying Champions League with Partizan Belgrade — the worst enemies of the «red Star». It was Then that the fans of «Spartacus» And met «zvezdami», who came to Express support for the Russian club in defiance of its principal rivals. After the fans more than once came to the matches each loved one, while in the early 2000s, the leaders of the most active fan groups «Spartacus» And «Stars» officially announced the Union And eternal brotherhood.
for this reason, it is not surprising that when it was just an idea to hold an exhibition match to celebrate the opening of the new stadium Spartak and Dynamo Kiev refused the invitation, Fans of «Spartacus» in unison, persuaded the club management about the game is the «red Star «»

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