Players of Spartak beat torpedo in the first official match at the opening of the Arena

Players of Spartak beat torpedo in the first official match at the opening of the Arena
Moscow football club «Spartak» beat torpedo Moscow in the game the 7th round of the Czech Cup. The meeting ended with the score 3: 1 in favor of red-and-white.
The match Spartak and gained became the 1st official at the new stadium red-white «Open arena». Last Friday was the official opening (Spartak drew With Serbian club red Star» with the score 1: 1), and another week before the new lawn stadium tested Spartak veterans.
For sports fans, who had previously taken their seats With DJ Seth said former Keeper red-white team and the Russian Federation Ruslan Nigmatullin. At that time around the arena worked animators free painted the faces of the fans in red and white colors.
The match, which became red-and-white first home in the season, caused a stir among Spartak fans. From the first day of ticket sales for the Match at banks were lined up in long queues. In the end, the stadium was filled to practice before failure (36058 viewers), Not counting the junction of the tribunes, and D. Fans «torpedo» was selected 2800 tickets, and They took two guest sector.
last Spartak and torpedo met each other in the framework of the Championships of Russia eight years ago. 22 October 2006, red and white, fighting for the championship, took in «Luzhniki» was gained, which was fighting for survival. The meeting ended in a draw 1: 1.
on Sunday of «torpedo» debuted leased from Spartak midfield Kirill Kombarov and Diniyar Bilyaletdinov. Manual red-and-white In the contract did Not object to the participation of players in the game With their own team. Kirill Kombarov for the first time in my life played against his brother Dmitri, besides brothers opposed each other on the same flank. For Dmitry Kombarov this Match was 250 m in the Premier League (132 he spent from «Dynamo», 118 «Spartacus» ).
Balls from Spartak scored Quincy Promes (34-I to 71-I min) and Jose Jurado (73). The black-and-white distinguished newcomer Hugo Vieira (89) For which this Match was the 1st for the capital club.
For Dutchman Promise that in the last month of summer has passed in «Spartacus» of Twente, these Goals were the first of the red-and-white. Jurado was the author 1300-th goal in Spartak in the Russian Championships.
The victory allowed Spartak to compare the number of points With CSKA and Zenit pursuing leading Zenit. Separation of the St. Petersburg club from Moscow is six points.
in the upcoming round of «Spartacus» on their stadium will host «Terek» (20 September), and was gained through two days at home will play against Dynamo.
explanations after the tournament
The Spartak head coach Murat Yakin said in his subordinates authors of goals.» Let’s not forget about the fact That there was a pause, associated With the national team’s matches, » said the Swiss specialist.- so managed That We have released the same composition as in the previous game. Look at our bench, and also note That gradually returning injured. We had some tactical changes. Jose Jurado played a great Match, played well in the centre. Quincy Promes showed how important he is For «Spartacus». Today he scored his first Goals for our team.»

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