Players of Lokomotiv played a draw with the Republic of Mordovia in the championship game of Russia

Players of Lokomotiv played a draw with the Republic of Mordovia in the championship game of Russia
«Locomotive» and «Mordovia» tied in the 7th round of the Czech Cup. Meeting in Cherkizovo ended with the score 1: 1.
Teams are nearby, the eighth and the ninth — space in the championship standings: «locomotive» has the asset portfolio of 9 points, «Mordovia» — 8.
Unsuccessfully launched in the season Lokomotiv got a short break — a break in the championship of Russia, associated with the matches of national teams, had to help the team, most of which in teams left, to understand the problems and to rectify the situation. However, the tournament will begin with «Mordovia» showed that «locomotive» still to work and work to ensure that the team began to remind myself last year.
on 15-th minute rented «Mordovia» CSKA Viktor Vasin hit his head after the kick opened the scoring. Defenders of the «Loco» his counterpart did not hold. Throughout the first half, Lokomotiv tried very Unsuccessfully to build a storm gate reviews, and «Mordovia» answered a very dangerous counterattacks. To score rather could saranskie Players than the team of Leonid Kuchuk. However, the minimum expense to the break has not changed. In the first half due to injury and was replaced by midfielder «Mordovia» Buy contГ© the Youngsters — the elder brother of the attacker «Loco» Baia Umar the Youngsters and play against each loved brothers failed.
Younger brother eventually became the Savior of «Locomotive». Coming on as substitute in the 60th minute, the Youngsters after 8 minutes with a thunderous shot sent the ball into the corner of Anton Kosenkova, equalized to the delight of the fans of Lokomotiv, who came tonight to the stadium.» Locomotive «added activity, But to Score and could not, extending his series with no wins in the championship of Russia up to 4 matches.
Head coach of» Mordovia «Yuri Semin for the second time in his career played against Lokomotiv, with which it is in the form of a trainer twice won the championship of the Russian Federation and four — Cup. 1st match took place eleven July 2006 — slave Semin Dynamo 0: 2 lost to Lokomotiv.
«Mordovia «played with» Loco «for the third time in history. The first two meetings, held in the 2012/13 season, ended with the victory of the Moscow club (2: 1 and 3: 2)

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