Player Ryazantsev: the match against Bayer in Russia was more open than in Germany

Player Ryazantsev: the match against Bayer in Russia was more open than in Germany

Meeting on «Petrovsky» ended with the score 2: 1 in favor of visitors. Leverkusen scored a double South Korean striker’s Dream Hung-Min, at the owners ‘ goal with the filing of Alexander Ryazantsev scored Salomon RondГіn. Both Zenit came off the bench and played a little more than 14 minutes.
«Today’s game was different from tournament two weeks ago in Leverkusen,» said Ryazantsev.- Football was open, and we created a lot more chances than in the guest game. After a successful performed by the guests standard game turned upside down. We had to go forward and defence formed the free zones, and this advantage Bayer.
According to Ryazantseva, no point in complaining about the officiating, and the reasons should be sought in their game.
«in the episodes to the arbitrator have the opportunity to be issues, but that’s not the reason for our defeat,» said the midfielder, «Zenit».- it is necessary to analyze the failures and make the right Conclusions. We need to win at Benfica (S. L. Benfica) and Monaco (A. S, Monaco), to leave group».
reviews midfielder «Zenit», the failure of Russian clubs in the Champions League are associated with fundamentally different approach to the formation of the commands that are used in the major European leagues.
«we need to change the whole system in the development of our football,» drew attention Ryazantsev.- Today Leverkusen average age of our team about 23 years, and in practice all the guys — students of German clubs. Draw your own conclusions».
The goalkeeper of the team from Leverkusen Bernd Leno said that the Goalkeeper saves played a significant role in the success of the «Bayer».
«The goalkeeper saves played a significant role in the success of «Bayer,» said Leno.- Had to work hard to cope with the shock of Zenit. Proud winner of 2 duels with Alexander Karakulam».
for reviews of the goalkeeper, «Bayer», in the 2nd half, his team took advantage of the fact that Zenit have lost oversight of game.
«Our forces with Zenit were equal,» said Leno.- Just at some point in the 2nd half, the hosts lost the supervision of the game. At this point, we took the initiative in their hands and in fact decided the fate of the match».
Leno believes that the chances of «Bayer «on the way out of the group increased significantly.
«Just relax in no event it is impossible, — noticed the Goalkeeper.- The opponents are strong, and the exit in the playoffs claim all four teams from our Quartet, and «Zenith».
Matches of round 5 will be held on November 26. In St. Petersburg «Zenith» will «Benfica», «Bayer» in his field will have a meeting with Monaco

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