Player Parshivlyuk in the game with CSKA Spartak showed That 0: 4 in Krasnodar — randomness

Player Parshivlyuk in the game with CSKA Spartak showed That 0: 4 in Krasnodar - randomness
The crushing defeat of Spartak from Krasnodar in the 3rd round of the Czech Cup (0: 4) occurred unfortunate misunderstanding, and red-white proved It to victory in the Derby against CSKA (1: 0). This opinion after the meeting of the 4th round of the Premier League was expressed by the defending Player Spartak Parshivlyuk.
«where the spirits leave the stadium? In good, though the ending was slightly blurred, » said Parshivlyuk.- Showed That 0: 4 in Krasnodar — It was an accident, a misunderstanding. What happened in the end? I ran to Nababkin (defender of CSKA.- Approx.) As he jumped back in our player in football. When I came, he went at me head-on. Approached the judge and demonstrated both yellow cards».
Also Parshivlyuk said That Penalty against CSKA was assigned fairly.» I thought the episode with the Penalty contact was, » said the defending Player who scores the penalty kick.- Repeat wasn’t looking. Deservedly whether Spartak defeated? The result on the scoreboard».
at the end of the conversation, the Player said That the loss of Seydou Dumbie CSKA tantamount to a failure of Spartacus Artem Dzuba.» can be, Without Dumbie happened and the truth was simpler, » said Parshivlyuk.- Of course, It’s a very good Player, but we have not occurred Dziuba, so everything evenly. Without Artem us has been difficult, As we are in the first three rounds played through him, he clung to the balls and we tried to escape the attack. And Today was rebuilt, acting mostly through the flanks. The Dzyuba speedy recovery».
The penalty was correct
The CSKA goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev has refrained from comment on the issue of a Penalty imposed against him in the game against Spartak and led to the only winning goal red-and-white.
«Just don’t see currently make sense to talk about the Penalty. If the judge ordered, This means the 11-meter was,» said Akinfeev.
The athlete noticed That the defeat of Spartak is not necessary to dramatize.» Now CSKA is still far from the ideal form. This is only the beginning of the championship. No disaster,» said the Goalkeeper.
Akinfeev has highly evaluated his Spartak vis-a-vis Artem Rebrov.» It is possible to bring in plus, not only this Match with us. The man came back after a serious injury and was captain of the team. This says a lot. Never any bad words about Rebrov will not tell,» said CSKA Goalkeeper.
Partner Akinfeev team midfielder Zoran Tosic said That Penalty against CSKA side looked honest.
«Until not ready for something to explain — we Need everyone to sit down and thoroughly analyze our game,» said toЕЎiД‡.- First impression — we didn’t play As It happened. The match turned out to be smooth, Without many scoring chances, but Spartak managed to realize one possibility, But we don’t. Not upset, because there are still a lot of games. I thought there was a Penalty, but in the locker room say, because It’s not. We need to look again repeat.
The defense of «Spartacus» was able to calm CSKA
Goalkeeper red-white Artem Rebrov believes That victory over CSKA is the Result of a successful action by all players of the team.
«Today, all red-white leave the stadium in a good mood,» said Rebrov.- A good win and 3 points in the Treasury. Why have you turned away, When a Penalty kick? I don’t like to watch them. Today I’m not the hero, And all — good. To achieve results together. One man is no man, reportedly. Somewhere I did something, somewhere guys have tried. Each has made its own contribution, and in the end is victory. How could reflect free from Ignashevich? I don’t know — it was all intuitive. Honestly, He thought That the ball is already at the gate.
Rebrov Also said That the defense of» Spartacus «was able to calm the attack of the enemy.» No matter, I liked playing defense or not. The main thing is the score on the scoreboard. In principle prevented the attack CSKA turn around, and apart from a few moments after» standards», they are nothing to do failed. Evgeny Giner stated That the game CSKA deserved victory? The same situation was and after our victory over Dynamo. Who is talking about It will remember — we deserved or not. 3 points we will not be taken away».
in the upcoming round of the championship of Russia CSKA Moscow will play against Rubin Kazan on August 23, And «Spartacus» will hold a meeting with the «Ufa «»

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