PFC CSKA will play home matches in the group match of the Champions League at the Lokomotiv stadium

PFC CSKA will play home matches in the group match of the Champions League at the Lokomotiv stadium
CSKA Moscow will play home matches in the group match of the Champions League football season 2014/15 at the stadium «locomotive». About It the correspondent said the club sports Director Oleg Yarovinsky.
«Relevant agreement was reached,» said Yarovinsky.
in the group stage of the Champions League CSKA will play German Bayern (September 30 — at home, on 10 December — away), English Manchester city (October 21, at home, on 5 November — away) and Roma (September 17 — on the road, November 25, at home).
CSKA will hold a home match against Bayern In an empty stadium due to the behavior of army fans during the tournament with the Czech «Victoria» in the group stage of the Champions League season 2013/14.
last season CSKA held meetings of the match on the suburban Arena-Khimki».
For CSKA important to win every match
The assistant coach of CSKA over that’s right, he For CSKA important to win every match. About This specialist told after the friendly tournament team against FC Anji Makhachkala, which was held at the stadium «October» and ended with the score 1: 2.
«Played in practice the youth team,» said right, he.- From the basics was only four players in football. But That’s no excuse for the defeat. For us important to win every game, even if you play football in the territory, in the end, I want to win. So the result is the only negative fact of this meeting».
the reviews right, he, At the moment Of youth CSKA best of all are those players who already had the experience of training with the main team.» Stand out Golovin, Chernov, Matusevich, said right, he.- I hope that they’ll quickly become familiar and will play in the Premier League for the home team».
the most important outcome of the tournament with Anji, as explained right, he is that no one is injured.» There is always the fear that base players have the opportunity to get injured in a friendly match, » said right, he.- But This is football, So All the time it happens. Today Mario Fernandez received a couple of painful shock, But I Hope that it will be All right and the next game he will be released from the first minute».
in the 7-th round of the championship of Russia CSKA on September 13, will take on «Arena Khimki «Tula «reserves».
one year Anji may return to the Premier League
The halfback of Anji Alexander Aliyev said that the friendly match against CSKA in their level was close to the competition in the Premier League and reminded the players of Anji on the need of returning to the elite of Russian football.
«Good sparring with a strong team, got a good load, said Aliyev.- Currently, many clubs break for national team games, So discover a partner For the tournament was pretty easy. The game was too hard? This is football, and No one to play would not. CSKA came with a lot of young guys who had something to prove to head coach. All together are treated with respect, apologized for the breach. No one specifically to cause injury to the opponent did not want. In General, I note that this match is, of course, reminded us about the level of the Premier League and the fact that our main goal Is to get back. Soon to us in Makhachkala will come again and» Zenith «on the Cup match. It’s a shame that We in Germany, But I think, in one year We will be able to return to the Premier League and again to bring us Spartak, Dynamo, Zenit and CSKA.
Also Aliyev said that «Anji» At this point in time have overcome past difficulties and embarked on the path of ascent to the top.» There were options for a career and abroad and in Russia, » said the Midfielder.- But I think it would be ugly for me to fly with the team and then throw it. Want to do Everything in their power to go back into the Premier League. In recent months we’ve had to practice a new team. All the guys came with a desire to fulfill the task. The timely pays and wages, and bonuses, there are no issues with flights and So on. We must be grateful to our President and to repay him in the first place and exit to the Premier League».
While Aliyev said that Anzhi will not be in the top division supplier points.» Just saying — this will not, » said the player.- To fight the whole year in Germany for a start up, to then become the» whipping boys» Is not For Anji.
at the end of the conversation Aliyev noted that as long as he plays in the club Germany, he has little chance of returning to the national team of Ukraine.» First you need to start playing non-stop, from the initial minutes.- said Aliyev.- To prove something to someone I’m not trying, But if the coach will be invited, will be happy to come. Another thing is that From Germany to join the team in practice impossible.»

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