Peter Makarenko: RFU is one of the top sponsors of the sports federations in the world

Peter Makarenko: RFU is one of the top sponsors of the sports federations in the world
The Russian football Union (RFU) is one of the top sponsors of the sports federations in the world. About It the correspondent said the Head of the commercial partner of the RFU organization «Telesport» Peter Makarenko.
«we often hear, as citizens, far from the process, but believe themselves to be experts claim that the RFU is in the economic blockade that citizens who work there, almost in the fall fainting from hunger. And I’ll tell you what: RFU is the most successful national sports Federation in terms of attracting sponsors, » said Makarenko.- A clear leader. Moreover, the RFU is one of the top sponsors of the sports federations in the world. Maybe even the most secure».
«If you have a burning desire to see on» the economic blockade of the RAF «- turn on match of the national team of the Russian Federation drew the attention of the head of Telesport».- Who is the sponsor of the RAF, you will understand, looking at billboards. This monsters such as «Coca-Cola», «Volkswagen», the most world’s largest automotive company, Adidas, With whom the RFU is just a huge contract — Not for a year, Not two, But 10 years — he is among the three largest contracts «Adidas «national teams».
on the question whether the Amount of the contract With Adidas wages head coach of the Russian Federation Fabio Capello Together With otstupnika, Makarenko said, «I do Not know about compensation, but wages accurately exceeds».
information for early termination of the contract, which lasts until 2018, the agreement between the RFU And Capello prescribed a penalty ?25 million, According to media reports, the Italian specialist salary is ?8 million a year.
«in addition to Coca-Cola, Volkswagen And Adidas among the sponsors of the RFU exists And state the organization Is Russian Railways, VEB, Aeroflot, MegaFon, NOVATEK. I think I mentioned a sufficient number of organizations to dispel the myth that the RAF has no sponsors,» said Makarenko.
The firm «Telesport «organize friendly matches of national team of Russia, attracting sponsors for the RFU, advertising sales at the games of the national team.
Makarenko said that «Telesport» «advances RFU».» There are contracts that specify the exact dates of payments, And there And providing for advance payments, » said the source.- There are contracts where we first pay RFU, And then find sponsors from whom the money is received. Sometimes RFU closes its obligations in two months, sometimes four, sometimes six. This is something that applies to contracts for attracting sponsors. And then There are friendlies. Stadiums Need to pay? Necessary. Hotels Need? Necessary. For the food we Need? Necessary. And we pay for all This. From a legal point of view is also advanced payments. The sum of our made advance commitments always more. If today or tomorrow, it doesn’t matter — when to stop the process And say, let’s pay off And disperse, then the balance will be in our favor».
According to Makarenko, «in practice, all the sponsors for the RFU attracted «Telesport».» With RZD RAF agreed himself» — he said.
the contract With the RFU NOVATEK will End at the end of October.» we are prepared to extend the contract, » said Makarenko.- Do they Not know. This is the commercial history, And Not as most think — with calls from somewhere.
The Chapter «Telesport «noticed that the RAF «from day to day will have a beer sponsor.

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