Pele: dark-skinned players should just ignore racist attacks from the stands

Pele: dark-skinned players should just ignore racist attacks from the stands
Known in the past striker Brazil football Pele believes that black players should ignore racist attacks fans from the stands of the stadium. This opinion is a three-time world champion expressed in an interview to the local media, explaining the recent controversial incident in the Brazilian football when the club Gremio of Porto Alegre was excluded from participation in the Cup of Brazil for racist shouts of the fans in the address of the goalkeeper «Santos» Aranya.
«Arania a bit rushed, coming into conflict with the fans,» said Pele, a large part of his sports career, which was associated with Santos.- If I had interrupted the game or started a brawl whenever I was called a monkey or Creole, not every game would finish.
Pele noticed that racism must be fought, however, the response to any provocative attacks «only exacerbates the problem.» For reviews of former athletes, fans often throws emotions without thinking about the meaning of words.
Pele, who took part in the opening of the football field in the vicinity of Morro da Mineira in Rio de Janeiro, called the disaster a crushing defeat against Brazil with a score of 1: 7 in the semi-final home match of the world Cup with Germany. In his vision, one of the issues of the Brazilian team had high expectations associated with the game in the attacking striker Neymar. With all his talent, he was not able to solve the problems facing the entire team, and very close with him were few players the same great level

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