Olga Smorodskaya: termination of the contract with Kucuk can only be by agreement of the parties

Olga Smorodskaya: termination of the contract with Kucuk can only be by agreement of the parties
Termination of the «Locomotive» with head coach Leonid Kuchuk can only be by agreement of the parties, and on it currently employs lawyers. About it in an exclusive explanations stated the head of the Moscow football club Olga Smorodskaya.
«After seven rounds Lokomotiv occupies the 9th place in the championship of Russia, having a good selection of players,» said Smorodskaya.- Coach had a card Blanche for success. Have everything, but the main commands. In this position the coach’s responsibility to put the issue before the club management about credibility. Private sessions with a trainer at the base in Bakovka finally put the dots over the i. Termination can only be made by agreement of the parties, what are currently working on lawyers».
the head of «Locomotive» said that the coach has completely lost the supervision of the team.» I was the originator of the invitation Leonid Kuchuk — said Smorodskaya.- last season We achieved a good result. Although, unfortunately, missed a real chance to play in the Champions League, limp behind «Rostov» at the finish of the championship. The club’s management, the Board of Directors has not taken this position tragedy, showed tolerance, continuing to trust the coach and believe in success in the upcoming season. Yes, merit Leonid S. that he led the team To the bronze medals of the championship of Russia, is indisputable. We are grateful to him for that. However, any situation should be discussed in the dynamics. Unfortunately, this season the team Under the same coach not only shows decent game, but suffered a number of sensitive lesions. The most humiliating was the home defeat Cyprus «Apollo» in the Europa League with the score 1: 4. Anyway Leonid Kuchuk got several chances to correct the situation. Unfortunately, the situation in the team not only has not improved, but worsened. The main objective of the club at the moment is to fix the standings. Hope for understanding and support during this difficult for the club the moment.»

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