Mutko: won’t fit even under FC Zenit in the question about the limit on foreign players

Mutko: won't fit even under FC Zenit in the question about the limit on foreign players
The Ministry of sports in the limit of foreign players is not going to adjust the position of the football clubs, even if it will be about St. Petersburg «Zenith». About It in a conversation With media professionals said the Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko
the draft law on the sequence of foreigners in Russian sport for consideration by the state Duma will be introduced in the autumn and, perhaps, in the final reading will be adopted in spring, when it will pass its agreement with the sports community.» the interest we have in such a way that in the clubs and play sports at the leading positions of our athletes performed. It will not be easy. In every League and every sport there is his vision. The Ministry of sports will have the right to set a limit. Going to do This carefully, consulting With each Federation. In the law of real standards prescribed will not, he will be given a certain right. Need somewhere to toughen the number of foreigners, somewhere you will Need to seek consensus,» said Mutko.
«the majority of the League such decisions will not accept, although we send the signals. No one to bring talented young people to the adult level in no hurry. This is the 1st and foremost is to football. I know that there is a working group, which has its own plans. Also about the petition on season 10 of foreigners and fifteen Russian players. But it exists and we have the experience, when more stringent limit was achieved certain results. Currently there is a discussion of each League. With shoulder cut is not Collected. Only when the basketball goes in the starting lineup 3 of a foreigner, that Is not good. Need to find a way out to our athletes were in key positions at leading clubs. I don’t know why St. Petersburg «Zenith» buys foreigners, thinking about the schema «10 fifteen». We should keep in mind that there is a «7 4″. As long as it is Necessary to act on this legislation, it is. Any one club we adjust will not. Will try, of course, to find a compromise, But It is unlikely to succeed. Alternatives to the limit on foreign players there. Watched the matches of the Premier League, there are citizens of foreign countries, which, figuratively speaking, you want to give managers the words from the song «salute With a big hangover,» he added functionary

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