Mutko: New football Department of the Ministry of sports will not be in charge of the RFU

Mutko: New football Department of the Ministry of sports will not be in charge of the RFU
Created in mid-June at the Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation Department for the coordination of the preparation for the FIFA world Cup 2018 will deal only with the coming four years the tournament and does not wish in any way to interfere in the Affairs of the Russian football Union. About This journalist said the head of the sports Department Vitaly Mutko.
The Department for coordination of preparation for the world Cup appeared in the structure of the Ministry of sports in the middle of June, but only two months later, he managed to find the chief. To lead the Department appointed Svetlana Mironova, which previously held the position of Advisor to the Minister of sport. Now This Department before the end doesn’t include the workers, and in the premises of the Ministry under the new Department were allocated additional space.
«This Department will be engaged in daily preparation for the world Cup, which was not so much time, drew attention Mutko.- We will closely work with the cities, where will the matches of the tournament. The new Department will not duplicate the same organizing Committee» Russia-2018″, which has its own work. Yes and with the Russian football Union, his activity will not be crossed, and the more it somehow to supervise. Our Department aims to solve only their own tasks.
in the sports departments of the provinces, which will host the 2018 world Cup, created or created their own departments, which will also address the immediate preparation for the tournament. The story is about Samara, Rostov, Sverdlovsk, Moscow and several other related to the competition areas.
Preparation for the 2018 world Cup was under the vigilant attention of the Ministry of sport and earlier. This question was then engaged in the Department’s summer sports and coordinate the preparations for the world Cup, which was headed by Grigory Kabelsky. This officer continues to supervise summer sports and at the present time, but the preparation for the 2018 world Cup for four years before it was decided to split and do, respectively, the New Department

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