Mutko: from conflict before the match Rubin Kazan — Spartak must be done the right conclusions

Mutko: from conflict before the match Rubin Kazan - Spartak must be done the right conclusions
Conflict with the screening of the fans before the match of the first round of the Russian football Premier League (RFPL) between Rubin Kazan And Moscow «Spartak» we Need to make the right conclusions. About It the correspondent said the Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko.
reportedly fans of «Spartacus» who attended the match, police undressing girls at the entrance to the guest podium For inspection. Those who refused to undergo the procedure, were Not allowed into the stadium. Executive Director of Premier Sergey Cheban said that one of the employees of the stadium «Central» «went too far» during the search of girls, But Then — after the intervention of the commissioners of the League «was replaced».
«It’s hard to say When you don’t possess a set of information, It Should be considered in more detail. I can say one thing: We need football to do a holiday, there are rules of behaviour of the fans, there is the organization of safety matches. Everyone is obliged to act within their powers. Before the game was announced by head of the Republic, the Minister of internal Affairs and asked to make the match was Not marred. But in the beginning, there was a serious, hard attitude against Spartak fans. This And the fans concerns Should behave within reason. I know that there were from the beginning of the shortcomings from the standpoint of the organization of inspection girls And women. Then interfered with the organizers of the tournament, as I was told, checkpoints have more. For us It is a special four years — We are the hosts of the world Cup, everyone is looking under a magnifying glass, how We organize. Want to hear the leaders of the police,» said Mutko.
The Minister tried to convince to stop «watching fans endless violators of public order.» It is our citizens, the people of the country, they buy tickets And go for his team. It is clear that Football Is an emotional game, otherwise this sport There is. Football special, for this reason, it is sport number one — there Emotions And a few other of their expression. The activity must be the ones who organize the matches. It is necessary to remove jackets And come to see, as are the fans. And I’m ready to do It. Cannot then statements of fans to draw conclusions, it is Necessary to come», — noticed Mutko.
«We can’t all put the blame on law enforcement And indiscriminately criticize her, — said the Minister of sport.- sometimes it remains one — on-one situation may Not understand who the fans are And who is responsible for them. When going more than five thousand people, It is a large public event, And legitimate law enforcement agencies responsible for the absence of danger.»

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