MST Volgograd region accused FC Rotor reluctance to restructure debts

MST Volgograd region accused FC Rotor reluctance to restructure debts
The debt of the football club «Rotor» at the moment is 114, 5 million rubles, but the Leadership serving South second division championship team takes no action on restructuring of payables. About it reported in the Ministry of sport of the Volgograd region, posted on the official web representation offices.
last week the senior coach of the Volgograd team Alexander Berbatov said that now the team is in distress, because it has no base, the stadium And the money.» Making loud public phrases in different meetings, conferences, websites about their own poor financial position with «shouting» And «requests» for help, and most importantly «accusing» in this situation And almost all their mortal sins regional Ministry of sports, the club «Rotor», to put it mildly, disingenuous, And understates represents the situation very one-sided, to his own advantage», — is noted in the statement of the Ministry.
«Peak debt «Rotor» occurred on June 24, 2014, when he was about 125 million rubles.. At the moment the amount of debt the club — 114, 5 million rubles.. In 2014 regional MST allocated «Rotor» 99, 1 million rubles», — said in the report.
for the season 2014/15 club must be obtained From the regional budget 52, 7 million rubles, although in the beginning it was planned to only 40. Of this amount, the club until the end of the year will receive 32, 7 million And another 20 in the first half of 2015, before the end of the season. So, just before the end of the current year «Rotor «in the end will be financed 131, 1 million rubles..
«The club takes no action on restructuring of payables, which is not an obligation of the Ministry of sports of the Volgograd region, and formed in connection with the fact that the «Rotor» took cash obligations beyond their financial capabilities. And with regard to other expenses, debt repayment for the previous seasons, then the output must be found by the leadership of the club, which made the presence of such an enormous debt», — reported in circulation on the Internet office regional office

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