MIA: inspection fans Before the match Rubin Kazan — Lokomotiv will be held in attenuated form

MIA: inspection fans Before the match Rubin Kazan - Lokomotiv will be held in attenuated form
Inspection of fans Before the match of the 4th round of the Czech Republic football FC Rubin Kazan — Lokomotiv will be held in a more gentle manner than Before the match FC Rubin Kazan — Spartak. About it in conversation with the journalist said the Deputy head of the Department of information and public relations of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Tatarstan Lenar Davletshin.
The meeting between Rubin and Lokomotiv Moscow will be held August 17 at the stadium «Kazan-arena».
«There are groups of fans who have proven the negative side, these include fans club» Spartak», «Zenith», «wings of the Soviets «and» Dynamo». Fans of «Locomotive «in Kazan did not allow mass violations of the order, for this reason, a thorough inspection is not needed,» said Davletshin.
August 1 Before the game, «Rubin» — «Spartak» law-enforcement officers did offer small girls to undress, to make sure that they do not hide firecrackers intracavitary method. Then cheerleaders wrote a complaint to the Prosecutor General and the interior Ministry. Director fan club «Spartak» Oleg Semenov called the actions of law enforcement «humiliating and unacceptable in a modern society». In the Ministry of internal Affairs of Tatarstan journalist commented that such inspection has been just a few people.» Before the screening of certain cheerleaders secretly threw near the stadium flares and other prohibited items. These female fans were taken care of with the utmost care,» explained the head of the Department.
Press Secretary of the head of Tatarstan Andrey Kuzmin on Thursday spoke with an official address in which he reminded that the Spartak Fans have repeatedly staged in Kazan numerous riots.» in April 2009 fans of red-and-white broke about a thousand plastic chairs at the Kazan Central stadium, burned them, and threw down from the stands,» said Kuzmin. According to him, in April 2014 fans of the capital team made unauthorized procession in the centre of Kazan, igniting smoke bombs and flares.» Members of fan groups play with law enforcement officers, inventing ever more sophisticated ways sneaked into the stadium of prohibited firecrackers and flares, sucking in this game of police officers who must respond,» he noticed Kuzmin.
the incident in the match against «Spartak «can have a negative impact on the image of Kazan
the incident with the search in Kazan fans of Spartak Moscow Before the match of the championship of Russia with Rubin can cause serious damage to the image of the city, which will host the 2018 football world Cup football. About it reported in the treatment of the Russian Union of fans (PSA), placed on the official Internet organization.
«PSA does not believe that the Fans always act within the law, and believes that offenders are forced to answer for what he has done, — said in the statement.- While the actions of the police employees of the organization have to take place in the framework of the law. Strip people naked, removing shoes, detention fans only because of the presence on them of the attributes in this case has no justification. I want to remind you that 5 years ago at the Central stadium in Kazan for the games of the Champions League has been updated surveillance system. There is a clear understanding that with its help you can easily identify the offenders and not to infringe on the rights of good fans who just want to watch the game on the guest sector. Violating the rights of Residents, Kazan law enforcement causes serious damage to the image of Kazan, where only a year Earlier brilliantly hosted the Universiade, and where, after four years of forced to go through the matches of the championship of the world.»

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