Marseille will treatment the number of the player in football Valbuena, who moved to Dynamo

 Marseille will treatment the number of the player in football Valbuena, who moved to Dynamo
Midfielder Mathieu Valbuena, who moved recently from Marseille in Moscow» Dynamo», said farewell to the fans of the French football club at a specially convened press conference at the base of the Marseille team.
On signing a three-year contract with the France midfielder Dynamo said on the first day of the weekend.
«a very emotional moment for me. I have experienced here fantastic moments,» he said with tears in the eyes of the player.
«I liked How there were dialogues.» Dynamo showed great interest to Me. I’ve been thinking about this step,» said Valbuena.
«I Want to progress further. The championship of the Russian Federation is Not so known, but there is a strong clubs,» added the player.
according to information, the transfer amount was 29-year old player football amounted to 7 million euros. As first reported by the French media, salary Valbuena will be 3, 3 million euros per year.
for Marseille player played since 2006. From the team he spent 331 matches And scored 38 goals.
for the French team Valbuena plays since 2010. During this time he played in 38 games And scored 6 goals. At the last world Cup in Brazil Valbuena held four meetings And has scored one goal in goal against Switzerland.
Marseille will treatment room Valbuena
Manual Marseille will appeal 28th room And will fix it for Valbuena, said the club’s Manager Vincent Lebrun.
«Soon there will be a ceremony, during which the 28th number will be withdrawn from circulation at the club. We will always fix it for Mathieu Valbuena», — said the head of the French club at the farewell press conference players in football.
Valbuena does Not know whether he will play against Spartak
Valbuena said that doesn’t know, will have the opportunity to play in the game of the 2nd round of the championship of Russia with the Moscow «Spartak».
«I don’t know where the physical condition I was. There were a lot of flights in the last period of time. Don’t know if I can play,» said Valbuena.
«of course, I Want to have a good season, As from the position command, And his own game,» added the midfielder.
Valbuena said that Dynamo is a very strong team.» needless to say, I can’t win alone, I need strong partners. And in «Dinamo» I will be — for example, Alexander Kokorin, Yuri Zhirkov, Kevin kurnyi, Alexander Buettner,» said the football player

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