Manager of FC Dynamo : Mathieu Valbuena is the player I was looking for

Manager of FC Dynamo : Mathieu Valbuena is the player I was looking for
Mathieu Valbuena is the player who was looking for a Dynamo Moscow, He is able to raise the level of the Russian championship. This opinion in the talk with the reporter was expressed by the Manager of the football club Boris Rotenberg.
for the first time Valbuena appeared on the field of blue and white in the game of the 2nd round with Spartak, coming on as substitute in the 65th minute. In the following 2 games with the «Ufa «(2: 0) And the Tula Arsenal(2: 1) — the Frenchman left in the starting lineup And recorded at his own expense four assists.
«He’s like a magician, I quite like his game,» he said after talks with Arsenal Rotenberg.- You saw in the last game with the «Ufa» He’s a ball on the head of Samba «put». This is the player I was looking for. This is a picture of Russian football. And it has to improve because of this game. However, I do not understand how He did not score today: the gates were in practice empty».
first appeared information that the priority Dynamo after purchasing Valbuena is to buy a goalkeeper. For example, was called the name of the goalkeeper of FC Kuban Krasnodar Alexandra space through defence.
«the transfers I until not know. Currently, will consult with the head coach, and after that make a decision,» explained unverified information Manager «Dynamo «»

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