Lokomotiv denied data on the decision to leave Kuchuk head coach

Lokomotiv denied data on the decision to leave Kuchuk head coach
Football club «Lokomotiv» called false data on the decisions of the Board of Directors of the club for the continuation of cooperation with the head coach Leonid Kuchuk. About it reported in circulation, published on the official Internet representation of the capital team.
first, the media has any information about that at the meeting of the Board of Directors of «Locomotive» it was decided not to terminate the contract with a specialist. According to the information media, the management of Railways did not support the position of club President Olga Smorodskaya on the need for appointment of a new head coach. As the main candidate for the post of coach of Lokomotiv in the media was named the head coach of «Rostov» Miodrag boЕѕoviД‡. Kucuk remains as long as the club’s head coach.
«Locomotive» informs that the Board of Directors of the club, not only did not take any decisions, but were not called», — is noted in the statement of the Moscow club.
«Locomotive «informs that is fundamentally against the artificial injection of background information around the club that in the last days actively engaged in the known structure and certain media. Unverified information, without any factual basis, create the appearance of an unhealthy atmosphere in the team and around it», — stated in the message.
«in the life of any club happen disappointing loss that seriously experienced team, but instead of support, understanding, or simply adequate analysis of the situation we see blatant antiglaucomatous propaganda, and the flow of gossip and rumors», — reported in circulation

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