Linebackers Roman Shirokov and Quincy Promes presented in the form players of Spartak

Linebackers Roman Shirokov and Quincy Promes presented in the form players of Spartak
Linebackers Roman Shirokov and Quincy Promes presented in the form of capital club players of the Russian football Premier League (RFPL) «Spartak». The event takes place at the press center.
Players were handed Spartak t-shirts. Shirokov will play in «Spartacus» under the 9th number, and Promes under 24-M.
33-year-old Shirokov signed with the capital club agreement on a «2 for 1″, but the details of the contract 22-year-old Dutchman with red-white were not disclosed.
Shirokov in 2008 he played for the St. Petersburg «Zenith», twice winning the championship of the Russian Federation (2010/11, 2011/12) and once — Cup of Russia (2009/10), UEFA Cup (2007/08), the UEFA super Cup (2008). On world Cup 2014 soccer midfielder, who was captain of the Russian Federation, did not go due to injury of the Achilles tendon. It is assumed that Shirokov, who joined Spartak rights free agent, will be back in October.
Promes joined Spartak from the Dutch Twente, in the season-2013/14 spending for the team from Enschede 31 matches and scored eleven goals.
literally the other Quincy
the General Director of the Moscow club Roman Shabazi told that the contract Promesa with «Spartak» is long-term.
in the 2000s for Spartak played Ghanaian midfielder Quincy concedes a free-Obey.» of course I remember him. This is a talented player who failed to fully develop their potential. Promes — just another player. Only 22 years old, but he already has a wife, two children, which speaks volumes,» said Shabazi.
Promes will replace the injured Citizens
Shabazi said that buying Promesa is intended to compensate for loss due to injury Araz of the Way.
in early summer of 2014, the Delegation left for a long time due to a cruciate knee ligament.
«We many times — and I, and head coach Murat Yakin is said perfectly aware of the trauma of the Araz of the Delegation, said Shabazi.- for this reason, in-line attack «Spartacus» need strengthening. This explains the signing of Promesa. He is a generalist, who can also play on the left and right.
Promes does not want to be like someone from famous players
Newbie «Spartacus «Promes said that he wants to play in your own style and not to be like someone famous players.
«It’s hard to tell with whom I can compare,» said Quincy.- I Want to play in your own style and develop as a footballer in «Spartacus».
According to Promise, move to the capital club He advised the former midfielder of «Spartacus» demi De Zeeuw.» Before you go in «Spartacus», I consulted with demi De Zeeuw. The Russian League is very powerful, it is a lot of top-level players,» said Promes.
«Spartacus» is the biggest club in Russia,» added the Dutchman.
The championship of the Russian Federation stronger championship of the Netherlands
for reviews of Promesa, the championship of Russia has clearly stronger championship of the Netherlands.» Specifically the topic of the comparison of the Championships of Russia and the Netherlands We have not discussed. As far as I know, the championship of the Russian Federation continuously evolving. There are a lot of top-level players. In my opinion, the Russian League is much stronger than the Dutch. De Zeeuw told, It is a great and very popular club. We also spoke about the style of life in the Russian capital. It was important for me as a player who moves to a new country. Any doubts I had no — demi talked about Russia only good».
Promes said that can play on either flank, as Well as behind the striker.» Specific conversations about tactics with Murat Akinom was not, » said Quincy.- I have the opportunity to play on the right and on the left flank of the attack, as Well as on the position behind the striker. Where Exactly I can apply to solve the coach «»

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