Leonid Kuchuk was not allowed at the base of FC Lokomotiv on disposal Olga Smorodskaya

Leonid Kuchuk was not allowed at the base of FC Lokomotiv on disposal Olga Smorodskaya
The head coach of Lokomotiv Leonid Kuchuk was not put on the base football team on the orders of the club President Olga Smorodskaya. About this Belarusian expert told the reporter.
«I wasn’t allowed on the base guards. Their actions are explained by the decree of the President of the club. I’m in a state of shock. There (in Bakovka) is now my assistant is trying to collect Their belongings,» said Kucuk on the phone.
it was expected that Kuchuk Tuesday night was obliged to conduct the training team. As stated before, the specialist was dismissed from the team. However, According to the messenger of coach Alexander Tolstikov, No official papers on this issue was not signed. So, Kucuk, whose contract with Lokomotiv calculated until the summer of 2016, the fact continues to be the main coach of the team.
It was planned that on Tuesday, Kucuk will meet with Smorodskaya. However, the meeting never took place.» Today Leonid Kuchuk was not met with Olga Smorodskaya, and with a lawyer «Locomotive,» explained Tolstikov journalist.- No decisions had been taken, written notice of suspension from work with a team of Kuchuk didn’t get his contract remains in force. When the situation is resolved it is difficult to say».
Kucuk headed «locomotive «in June 2013. Under the leadership of the Belarusian specialist railway won a bronze medal of the Russian championship of the season 2013/14. In the Russian championship season 2014/15 red-green occupy ninth place, scoring in seven games and nine points.
As before said a source at the club, the main candidate for the post of chief coach of Lokomotiv is Kurban Berdyev, with whom Rubin Kazan twice won the championship of the Russian Federation (2008 and 2009)

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