Lawyer ex-wife Kerzhakov: on the player in football has the opportunity to be prosecuted

Lawyer ex-wife Kerzhakov: on the player in football has the opportunity to be prosecuted
Law enforcement authorities have the possibility to initiate proceedings under the criminal code on the player in football «Zenit» Alexander Kerzhakov, due to the fact that he was illegally deprived the child of former civil wife Catherine Safronov. About It told correspondents lawyer ex-wife of the player in football Alexander Dobrovinsky.
«Player twice initiated illegal placement Catherine in a psychiatric hospital, in fact took away her child. In addition, it was announced that Safronov — drug addict. She fled from the capital of Russia, took part in the interrogation of law enforcement agencies in the Russian capital, told why this scandal,» said the lawyer.» Safronov blackmail so that She would not see his one-year-old child due to the fact that decided to contact the authorities on the question of the actions of the husband. I do not exclude that Then relatively athlete will be prosecuted under the criminal code,» said Dobrovinsky.
Avdokat also said that Kerzhakov involved in illegal charges 2 officials in the theft of money.
«in the beginning friends asked Alexander Kerzhakov in debt 330 million rubles for the construction of a refinery near Voronezh. Then it was subjected to the accusation that the money he stole, because of what two people are already in jail,» said Dobrovinsky.» It Voronezh businessman Surin Michael and former agent of the player in football Vladimir Bagaev,» said the lawyer.
according to him, this Scam also involved a «family friend», Alexander Kerzhakov, Savchenko.
As explained Dobrovinsky, civil wife Kerzhakov because his position was aware of his Scam, and then it was under pressure from the player in football and Savchenko.
during a press conference before the media acted as spokesman Kerzhakov Elena Bolotova, She said that Catherine Safronov voluntarily refused from the child, and Kerzhakov on it, no pressure was not affected, and no blackmailed.» I have written consent from Safronova refusal child,» said Bolotov. In her expressions, Football Zenit privy to any criminal stories

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