Lavrov: Russia is hoping for a sanity guide FIFA and UEFA in question 2018

Lavrov: Russia is hoping for a sanity guide FIFA and UEFA in question 2018
Russia hopes for sanity leadership international football Federation (FIFA) and the Union of European football associations (UEFA) in the 2018 world Cup. This opinion was expressed in a conversation with the foreign Minister of the Russian Federation S. Lavrov..
the head of the football Federation of Ukraine (FFU) Anatoliy Konkov Tuesday said that at the meeting with representatives of FIFA, UEFA and the Russian football Union (RFU) in Nyon, Switzerland on September 18, he will raise the issue of the possible suspension of membership of the RFU in these organizations once on July 31, the Bureau of the Executive Committee of the RFU approved the performance of the clubs from the Crimea and Sevastopol in the 2nd division championship, provided they complete the required certification procedures. UEFA said that will not recognize matches the Crimean teams under the auspices of the RAF.
Answering the question if there are concerns that Russia in this regard have the opportunity to experience problems with the world Cup, Lavrov expressed hope that the sport will still remain out of politics».» These stories with boycotts we were 30 years ago. First Olympics in the Russian capital, then Los Angeles, where did not go to the Soviet athletes, » he said.- Anyone that has not become better. Needless to say, the bloodlust of those who at any cost wants us to foul, no boundaries, one way or another, I repeat, we rely on the common sense guide to FIFA and UEFA».
Minister of foreign Affairs said that I started rooting for the capital «Spartak «from the first class of the school.» Mom was on a business trip, I studied and lived with grandpa and grandma in Noginsk, which, I think, should be returned to its original name, given by the Empress Catherine II, — Bogorodsk — he remembered.- The house stood on the outskirts, and next was the» Spartak» stadium. In the summer we played football in the winter drove hockey, took part in the tournament «Golden puck». From this place and went my love for the red-and-white, «Spartacus «crept into my life.»

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