Key points of the Champions League Manchester city — CSKA

Key points of the Champions League Manchester city - CSKA

79. Eremenko prevented Milner to play standard and received a yellow card.
78. Yaya Toure’s free-kick shot into the near corner of the perimeter wall, it is easy took the ball Akinfeev.
78. Wernbloom knocked agГјero and, in theory, had to be removed! But the judge why I made the decision to give a yellow card to Ignashevich.
75. Akinfeev!!! Aguero transfer deduced dЕѕeko one-on-one with the goalkeeper CSKA, But Akinfeev in time came out of the gate and knocked the ball from under his feet from the Bosnian.
73. DЕѕeko shot from the goal line after a corner kick — the ball flew over the crossbar.
71. Milanov nearly scored from a free kick. Looked around the wall and the ball went just wide of the left upper corner of HART.
70. Red card! Fernandinho fouled on the Dzagoev near his own Penalty area and took a yellow card, which became his second. Ten men were left Manchesters And CSKA Will be a dangerous Free kick.
66. ‘s first substitution at CSKA. Milanov was released instead DOUMBIA.
66. Yaya TourГ© has received a yellow card for dangerous play in the battle with Wernbloom.
65. The last replacement at Manchester United. DЕѕeko was released instead of Fernando.
64. Zabaleta got the ball in the Penalty CSKA, But his Shot does Not work.
62. Fernandinho has received a yellow card for discussions with the judge.
62. Again drags Akinfeev!!! Unreal save the leg was made by the Keeper after a shot agГјero in focus!
60. Eremenko fouled in the center near the Penalty area. The owners have decided to play and was followed by a pass into the box to Milner, But the Englishman did Not have time To ball.
58. ‘s 1st scoring chances in the 2nd half. Milner prostrel from the left flank and agГјero almost had to close the bar.
55. Yaya nearly enriched penalty. Ivoirien made a solo pass in the penalty area, shot the ball past Fernandez and Berezutski and fell. But the Whistle remained silent.
53. AgГјero could go one on one with Akinfeev, But Berezutsky managed to intercept the transfer of Argentine.
52. A lot of bustle in the center of the field.
50. Musa from the right flank bottom shot along the goal — HART jump took the ball.
48. Going forward, the British, And CSKA calmly defends and nowhere in a hurry.
46. The second half begins. Two replacement at Manchester United. Fernandinho came out instead of Yovetich, And Nasri was replaced by the break.
Statistics of the first half: possession 62%-38%, hit the target) 9 (4) — 4 (2), angular 5-0, offsides 2-1, violations 5-5, yellow cards 0-1.
45. The whistle is Not a break! Was not judge anything to add to the time of the first half.
44. Musa has rushed for two players of Manchester United, was Milner and under side of Yaya Toure. Free kick.
42. Jovetic threw the ball on the right edge, which ran Navas, But Berezutsky calmly knocked the ball into touch, so as Not to risk.
41.» Manchester «as long as just rolls the ball and tries to get closer To the goal CSKA. But nothing dangerous comes out.
38. Navas received minor damage in the battle with Sennikova in the center of the field.
36. The British look a little discouraged. Clearly they did Not expect this of a game against CSKA.
34. GOAL!!!! DOUMBIA!!!! Clichy picked the ball from Moses, But knocked him right at the feet of Natho. * CSKA Immediately gave free DOUMBIA, he entered the penalty area from the left edge and the bottom poisoned the ball into the near corner. HART couldn’t help it.
33. Dangerous! Again Akinfeev saves gate CSKA! AgГјero threw one into the box and with the spread shot to the near corner. Akinfeev on the ribbon saved.
31. Milner gave the ball to move agГјero And Ignashevich Not understand and just knocked the ball out for a corner.
28. Wernbloom took on the thigh in midfield Yaya TourГ© and received a yellow card. Hurting ivoirite, And the Swede apparently remembered native to his country’s hockey.
27. Milner was struck in the fall with the right edge of the Penalty area into the near corner — Akinfeev on the spot.
25. A good counter-attack could happen at CSKA, But Eremenko gave too bad transmission on the course of Musa.
24. The priests threw in a breakthrough DOUMBIA and Ivoirien fell after contact with the defender, But the referee’s Whistle remained silent.
22. Again in the case Akinfeev. Aguero picked up the ball on the Penalty, drifted right and badly shot into the near corner was saved by goalkeeper.
20. And Here is the answer of the British. AgГјero went one on one with Akinfeev after the transfer of Yovetich, But the goalkeeper CSKA time jumped out of the gate ahead of the Argentine striker.
18. Dangerous! Dzagoev cut protection» Manchester «great transfer and DOUMBIA ran almost one-on-one with HART. Kick ivoirite from the Penalty into the left corner was near the bar!
16. Natho shot from outside the box into the near right corner, But the ball hit the Dzagoev’s strikes and flew above the gate.
14. Eremenko tried to make a solo run on the left edge, But missed the ball over the side line.
12.» Manchester continues to attack. And the GOAL CSKA as long as it looks random.
10. Akinfeev has extended its antirecords a series of missed balls in a row in the match up to 25 x matches. The ball was already 48 missed for the back of the net in this series. The last time he managed to keep his goal in the privacy of November 1, 2006, when CSKA played out a draw 0: 0 with the London «Arsenal».
8. GOAL! Yaya! Ivoirien magnificent free-kick threw the wall and put the ball in the right back of the net angle. Couldn goalkeeper in this moment to help out.
7. Yovetich knocked on the outskirts of the penalty area CSKA. Is a dangerous standard.
6. Navas get a pass on the right edge of the Penalty area and immediately shot into the near corner above.
4. The British Immediately rushed to equalize.
2. GOAL!!! Seydou DOUMBIA!!! Luxury tent Natho in the center of the box found the head of ivoirite and the hammer the ball under the crossbar.
2. Musa shot from the right edge of the penalty area, But the ball hit the hand of Clichy. Is a dangerous standard.
1. The Starting Whistle!
Anthem UEFA Champions League!
Both teams are on the field.
last weekend both Teams played important matches of the national tournaments. But if CSKA defeated the most important meeting of the Russian Championships «Zenit» with a score of 0: 1 and now from behind the head on 7 points, Manchester city in the English Premier League defeated in Derby Manchester United (Manchester United) — 1: 0. Although the «citizens» are also solid from late leader Chelsea (Chelsea) — six points, taking third place behind even a modest Southampton (Southampton).
Psychological pressure can affect the game Champions of England, which class are significantly superior to the army team. In addition CSKA returned Pontus Wernbloom and Alan Dzagoev, who skipped 3 previous Champions League due to suspension. Recovered from injury Alexei Berezutsky, Vitigno that were included in went to England delegation. The of Zoran Tosic had problems with documents When entering the United Kingdom, because of what he will miss this meeting.
CSKA was considered in the group outsider, and the team is predicted that the fight for third place, which will enable to continue the fight in the 1/16 finals of the Europa League. As long as So happens, however, and the enemy army team this tournament can become the next disaster.» Manchester city did Not break on the 1/8 finals of the Champions League, where in the past the draw gave the Spanish» Barcelona «(Barcelona). In Khimki Manchester city missed the victory over CSKA, winning with a score of 2: 0, but this failure was Not fatal. But such may be the second misfire in confrontation with the army.
Starting lineups
Manchester City: Joe HART, Vincent Kompany, Pablo Zabaleta, Gael Clichy, Martin Demichelis, Fernando, James Milner, JesГєs Navas, Yaya Toure, Sergio Aguero, Stefan Jovetic
CSKA: Igor Akinfeev, Mario Fernandez, Sergei Ignashevich, Vasily Berezutsky, Georgi Schennikov, Pontus Wernbloom, Alan Dzagoev, Roman Eremenko, Bebras Natcho, Ahmed Musa, Seydou DOUMBIA
Chief referee of the tournament: Anastasios Sidiropoulos (Greece)
Two weeks ago, CSKA played with Manchester city in a draw (2: 2) in the home match, saving hope, the output from the toughest group, which also speak German Bayern (Bayern Munich) and the Italian «Roma» (Roma). On Wednesday, Bayern takes Roma, which Bayern defeated with the score 7: 1, and we can assume that the team of Josep Guardiola Again wins the Romans, securing first place in the group. So, Manchester city in case of victory ahead of as Roma, And the army will catch up. However, even this defeat will leave CSKA theoretical chances for the second place — if, of course, doesn’t win in Munich.
Good evening, dear football fans! TASS text begins an online broadcast of the 4th tournament of CSKA Moscow in the group stage of the Champions League. The Russian club will play with English Manchester city (Manchester City). The starting Whistle at the stadium «city of Manchester» will be performed at 22: 45 GMT

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