Key moments of the tournament the 12th round of the Russian championship with CSKA — Zenit

Key moments of the tournament the 12th round of the Russian championship with CSKA - Zenit

75. Went decisive 15-minute! The players of CSKA already significantly start to rush.
74. The first Replacement Zenit — Shatov instead Ryazantsev.
72. Kerzhakov falls in the Penalty CSKA. The penalties? No yellow card, forward of FC Zenit during the simulation!
71. Danny rolled the ball under the Blow Witsel near the bar.
69. Understand fixtures that still need to move the game away from our goal.
67. So Zenit was able to do something in front of goal. Javi Garcia just had a big head the ball into the goal CSKA after the filing of the Hulk with a penalty kick.
65. Dangerous! Dzagoev the Penalty shot performance in the far corner, But the ball hit the leg Javi Garcia And went to the corner.
64. Doctors assist criscito. A small pause in the game.
62. Another protracted attack CSKA ended a dangerous blow Doumbia, But Lodygin was nice And tightly grabbed the ball.
59. Fernandez joined the attack on the flank And delivered a pass to the Penalty line, But Musa in struck in touch literally is inaccurate. And the cost to keep the ball Eremenko, who was in a better position.
57. Criscito has received a yellow card for a handball.
56. In these minutes advantage on the side CSKA. Pressed Zenit to their goal.
55. Lodygin apparently became nervous, And what knocked the ball for a corner in a fairly harmless provisions.
53. Eremenko powerful shot from the edge of the box in the center of Lodygin firmly took the ball.
52. Lodygin what ran on the front to meet Doumbia, while the defenders were near. Lucky goalkeeper that empty collar CSKA to break through to no avail.
51. Natho nice shot from outside the Penalty area to the bottom left corner — Lodygin hard until he reached over And pushed aside.
50. Hulk picked the ball from shchennikova on the right flank And enriched the corner.
48. Continue to attack the army. Musa from the right flank shot along the goal, But nobody was able to reach the ball.
47. Doumbia immediately ran one on one with Ladygina, But was caught in an offside position.
46. The second half begins. Replacement CSKA — Doumbia came out instead Milanova.
Statistics of the first half: ball possession: 56%-44%, hit the target) — 7(2) — 4(1), angular 2-5, fouls 4-8.
45 1. Break. 1: 0 in favor of «Zenit» after the first half. GOAL scored by Xavi Garcia.
45. The free-Kick, Natho was near the bar. Lodygin controlled the situation.
44. Witsel has received a yellow card, knocking Milanova on the edge of the penalty area.
42. Musa got the ball on the left flank And in Front of him had a lot of free space. But the Nigerian too dismissed her ball And Garay was there.
40.» Zenith finally moved on to the second game room, And moments CSKA still There.
39. All right midfielder. Returned Belgian on the field.
38. Witsel landed badly after a horse fight for the ball. He requires the help of doctors.
37. Ryazantsev was enriched with a Free-kick on the left flank. The players of CSKA calmly coped with canopy Kerzhakov.
35. The players of Zenit five of us ran out on the fourth of CSKA, But Danny had just a bad transmission And the moment was lost.
34. The possession 52% to 48% in favor of CSKA
32. Natho Moses led one-on-one with the goalkeeper, But the Nigerian was caught in an offside position.
30. Dzagoev again decided to Strike from outside the Penalty area this time by.
29. Hulk saw a free Kerzhakov, But striker RF ran into an offside position.
27. For a minute or two lost the Match because of the smoke — fans lit flares in the stands. But it quickly dissipated.
26. Kerzhakov free kick crossed to the far post, But Lombaerts did not reach the ball.
25. Ignashevich powerfully struck free-kick from about 30 meters into the wall.
23. Wernbloom received a yellow card. The Swede played roughly with a sliding tackle against Kerzhakov in the center of the field. This card was his sixth in the championship.
22. Distant Shot of Natho — ball prokatilsa directly into the hands Lodygin.
21. Musa broke into the St. Petersburg from the left flank after a great pass Eremenko And shot in the heart — Garay first was on the ball And took it.
20. Hulk threw a breakthrough on the flank Anyukov And he shot into the center for Kerzhakov. But before the CSKA Players to knock the ball away for a corner.
18. Dzagoev fell in the Penalty Zenit, But the whistle is silent.
16.» Zenit had a quick counterattack. Hulk brought Ryazantseva to the gate, But the jump shot wide.
fifteen. Good position for a free-kick was in the army. 30 metres from the gate on the right flank. Natho performed flow into the penalty area, But Garay won the fight in the air.
13. Fernandez And Milanov tried to come up with something on the flag, But failed to earn even a corner.
eleven. Kerzhakov was shot in the center of the Penalty area, But Ignashevich managed to knock the ball from under his feet at the Hulk.
10. CSKA as long as it is not included in the game And the advantage of totally has the «Zenith».
9. Hulk made sharpening pass Kerzhakov, But did not calculate the strength of the pass.
seven. GOAL!!! Javi Garcia! Third consecutive corner turned into a goal scored. Kick Witsel head has been in the bar, And Javi Garcia with half finished into an empty net.
6. Two consecutive corner was filed by the Players of Zenit. And now there will be a Third
4. Kick Dzagoev’s strikes from 25 meters in the center of Lodygin pulled the ball And the right angle And hit on the corner.
3. Hulk slipped Dzagoev’s strikes on passed on Ryazantseva he tried to hit, But hesitated a little And lost the ball.
1. 1st corner gate CSKA. Played the ball Danny And Hulk, But the file failed.
1. The starting whistle.
Both teams are on the field.
this season, Zenit ahead of CSKA on all counts, never having suffered defeat in the championship, scoring more goals And conceding less (33-6 against 29-11). CSKA in 2 recent games against teams from the bottom of the table «Ural» And «Ufa» conceded 3 goals And has own passive two «wheel», losing to Spartak And Rubin.
on Wednesday, both Teams spent the 1/8 finals of the Russian Cup. And if the army has saved power, semi-reserve composition having a fairly easy victory over Moscow «torpedo» (2: 0), Zenit unexpectedly in his field yielded the outsider Premier League Arsenal 2: 3. Andre Villas-Boas fielded against Tula in fact all the major players, but Zenit had to play an extra half hour And eventually stop the fight for the trophy.
Match 2 the leaders of the Russian football a few years capable of a lot to explain in the battle for the championship title, And to limit to aggravate the situation in the upper part of the standings, because after this game the Team can divide both one And 7 points. CSKA came out after 2 draws «Zenit» (from «Spartacus» And «Krasnodar» ) to get closer to the leader, but in the previous round, the team from St. Petersburg defeated with the score 5: 0 «Mordovia», while the army was satisfied guest draw with the «Ufa», having gone from defeat in the final seconds.
Starting lineups
CSKA: Igor Akinfeev, Mario Fernandez, Vasili Berezutski, Sergei Ignashevich, Georgi Schennikov, Pontus Wernbloom, Georgi Milanov, Roman Eremenko, Alan Dzagoev, Bebras Natcho, Ahmed Musa
Zenit: Yuri Lodygin, Alexander Anyukov, Nicolas Lombaerts, Domenico Criscito, Ezekiel Garay, Miguel Danny, Midfielder Javi Garcia, Axel Witsel, Alexander Riazantsev, Alexander Kerzhakov, With Hulk
Before face-to-face meeting behind CSKA from leading Zenit is four points.
Hello, dear fans! TASS text begins-the online broadcast of the tournament the 12th round of the Czech Cup, which will meet CSKA Moscow And St. Petersburg» Zenith». The starting whistle at Arena Khimki «will sound at 16: 00 GMT

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