Kerzhakov: it was important to defeat the team of Azerbaijan, and the record went by the wayside

Kerzhakov: it was important to defeat the team of Azerbaijan, and the record went by the wayside
The victory of the Russian Federation over the team of Azerbaijan in a friendly match () is more important than any personal best players. This opinion After the game in Khimki was expressed by the forward Russian team Alexander Kerzhakov, who became with 28 goals top scorer in the history of the national team.
Kerzhakov scored the Azerbaijanis in the 6th minute of the meeting, and on the 12th doubled the advantage for the Russian team. This match — 85 For a striker Of the national team of Russia.
«I think That football in this match happened at all,» said the striker.- It was important for me to win Azerbaijan, and the record went by the wayside. I enjoy any goals, not only a record».
The previous record of 26 goals for the national team — belonged to the former striker of FC Spartak Moscow Vladimir Beschastnykh.» Vladimir Me some time ago very helped to join the team, when I started own way, » said Alves.- And for this I am very grateful to him».
Third place in the list of the best scorers in the history of the national team of Russia is forward of the Moscow «Locomotive «Roman Pavlyuchenko (21 goals in 50 games). Of the active players in the list of the best snipers of the Russian team also has the attacker» Zenit», Andrei Arshavin (17 of 74), forward» Locomotive «Dmitry Sychev (15 of 47) And midfielder Spartak Roman Shirokov (12 of 41).
in General difficulties in all professional tournaments Kerzhakov scored 221 ball — 28 for the Russian national team, 137 — in the national championship, 19 in the Cup of Russia, 29 — in the European cups, 8 — in the championship of Spain.
September 8, team Russia will take on» Arena Khimki «team of Liechtenstein in the opening match of the qualifying tournament of the European championship in 2016.
Such matches can be conducted at the provincial stadiums
Friendly matches of the national team of the Russian Federation, like a game with a team of Azerbaijan can be performed at the provincial stadiums, as in, Millerovo, to attract new viewers. This opinion was expressed After the tournament midfielder of the Russian Federation Denis Glushakov homeland which is the city of Rostov region.
«in the game with Azerbaijan we have achieved a good result,» said Glushakov.- After the world Cup, it was important to get on the field And feel their game, because the team had a lot of new players. I already stated earlier, After a draw with a team of Azerbaijan in the past year (1: 1) That we play another 10 such matches, we will win, And large. It’s a pity That in the stands were literally a small number of fans. In principle, it is possible to conduct Such games on my stadium). As for the tournament, the opening of the stadium «Spartak», as long as the coach was not revealed to us, whether we will be able to participate in it».
The opening match of the stadium will take place on 5 September, the capital «Spartak «will of the Serbian» Crvena Zvezda».

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