Karpin Tuesday has the opportunity to be adopted as the new head coach of FC Mallorca

Karpin Tuesday has the opportunity to be adopted as the new head coach of FC Mallorca
The leadership of the Spanish football club Mallorca on Tuesday to determine the candidacy of the head coach. The main candidate for this post is a Russian specialist Valery Karpin. About this journalist said a source at the club.
last week, the Spanish media said about negotiations Mallorca with Carpini. New General Manager of the club’s former goalkeeper Israeli Dudu Avat also conducts dialogues with potential buyers club.
«Tonight will be a meeting to discuss the candidacy of the head coach,» said the source.- The question is: carp they will or not. Russian coach and the truth is the Main candidate for this post. I think the decision will be made on Tuesday, and on Wednesday morning Karpin has the opportunity to be officially announced as head coach of Mallorca.
Karpin was played in Spain from 1994 to 2005 for «real Sociedad», «Valencia «and» Salto». Upon completion of the playing career he worked as General Manager and head coach of Spartak Moscow. A total difficulties Karpin led red-white for 4, 5 years, twice leading the team to silver medals of the Russian championship in the 2009 season and in the season-2011/12).
Himself Karpin has not given a definite answer to the Question about whether he talks with Mallorca.
«Whether serious conversations with Mallorca? Nothing serious. I actually am currently in another place,» said Karpin

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