Interpol: grouping, organizing contractual football matches, operate in Russia

Interpol: grouping, organizing contractual football matches, operate in Russia
The international Federation of football associations (FIFA) and Interpol have evidence of the presence in the Russian Federation, China, the Balkans, the United States and Italy organized crime groups involved in match-fixing. About This said the head of the working group of FIFA and Interpol John Abbot, of which I quote the English media.
«This is a global problem and until not it seems that it is permitted. From the time of the tournament» Liverpool «Manchester United «in the first years of the XX century, which was contractual, the situation has changed and now in such frauds have become involved professional criminal fraternity. There is evidence for the existence of such criminal organizations in China, Russia, the Balkans, the United States and Italy, which make a lot of money on this,» said the Abbot at the Soccerex Global Convention, which takes place in Manchester.
Abbott said that the team 60-80 countries over the past three years had been accused of carrying out match-fixing, and It involved billions of dollars.
The head of the international centre for sport security Emanuel Medeiros said at least one European football club now managed by a criminal syndicate through a shell company.» We have confirmation, but I cannot say specifically what the club and from what country. We were aware of this Since 2003, currently under police proceedings,» said he, adding that he considers unacceptable the situation in which only five European countries cheating in sports is a crime

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