Inspector RFU has assessed the work of the judges of the match of the 4th round of the Czech Republic as above satisfactory

Inspector RFU has assessed the work of the judges of the match of the 4th round of the Czech Republic as above satisfactory
Referees worked the match of the 4th round of the Czech Republic football team at a score of «above satisfactory». About This in a telephone conversation With the journalist said the Inspector, Department of refereeing and inspection of the Russian football Union (RFU) Andrey Butenko.
in the 4th round of the national championship «Ural» house defeated «torpedo» (0: 2), Zenit St. Petersburg beat «Ufa» (1: 0), CSKA lost to Spartak» (0: 1), «inventories» at home lost against «Dynamo» (1: 2), and «Krasnodar» on the road won «Rostov» (2: 0).
«in General, the referee in matches of the 4th round, I’d give the score a score of» above satisfactory», said Butenko.- I not only said That the quality of refereeing decreased compared With the previous rounds — all the mistakes made by arbitrators were explainable and understandable. It was very much mixed episodes. Such that, for example, the lack of Clear violation of the rules, and the judge of his records — no».
«I’ll start With the tournament «Ural «-» torpedo», which served Vitaly Rusakov, debutant top division, said Butenko.- in the key episodes he was not mistaken, and his error in regard to the management game, which is quite natural, considering It was his 1st match in Premier. As for the penalty against «torpedo», in my opinion, the defending Player black-and-white Vladimir Rykov tried to remove his hand, so that it does not hit the ball. Anyway, the program was stopped. To accuse Rusakova That he appointed the 11-meter, I have no right. But to say That he did absolutely true, I wouldn’t have been».
Speaking about the match «Zenit «- «Ufa», Butenko said That the judge, the Vitali Bags «did not make any mistakes that would be worth paying attention.» The game was interesting, in a good sporting spirit», — noted the Expert.
The interviewee said That the referee Vladislav Bezborodov unfairly penalty goal in CSKA in the game between the army command and Moscow «Spartak».» may be, of abuse from CSKA goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev Bezborodov signaled by the referee, located behind the gates, where this episode certainly looked like a definite penalty. But, focusing on the TV replays, Parshivlyuk in this moment faked,» said the Expert.
«But most importantly, I should have clarified another error Bezborodova — admitted at the beginning of the tournament, when he had not shown a yellow card for the defender of «Spartacus «Dmitry Kombarov that intentionally struck the leg of the CSKA player Mario Fernandez. It was a blatant foul Play, which should be punished by a warning.
at the end of the tournament Bezborodov for unsporting behaviour have deleted the player in football Spartak Sergei Parshivlyuk and CSKA player Cyril Nababkin.» What the judge punished and Parshivlyuk, I was surprised, » said Butenko.- On the reverse side, he provoked Nababkin. If it does not fit, The conflict Was not only».
reviews Butenko, judge Alexander Egorov worked match of «stocks «-» Dynamo» exactly and accurately».
the expert believes That the referee of the tournament FC Rubin Kazan — Lokomotiv Mikhail Vilkov had done the right thing, punishing the railwaymen 11-meter at the 31st minute of the match.» Yes, Lokomotiv player was to hold the player’s «ruby» before he entered the penalty area, said Butenko.- anyway, the player of the Kazan team happened to run into the penalty area where he fell. So, Vilkova had every reason to assign a penalty against Lokomotiv.
in the game Rostov — Krasnodar judge Igor Nizovtsev appointed at the gate of the Krasnodar team two 11-meter. The goalkeeper of «Krasnodar» Andrey Sinitsyn parried both blow.» on the first penalty — I think That he was appointed not for playing a hand, and for the fall Bukharov in the penalty area «Krasnodar». The second 11-meter shall not be obligated to cause any issues — Nizovtsev was in good position and saw Arthur Angelchik touched the ball,» said Butenko.
in the remaining matches of the 4th round, which will be held on the first day of the week, «Terek «fight» Mordovia», and «Kuban» — » omkaram «»

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