In the Luzhniki stadium will host the final of the all-Russian competitions Leather ball

In the Luzhniki stadium will host the final of the all-Russian competitions Leather ball
At the Olympic stadium «Luzhniki» will be held on Sunday the final of the all-Russian competition for boys and girls «Leather ball».
The current draw «Leather ball» is a jubilee — 50-m account. The first time These events took place in 1964, in addition, one of the founders of their occurrence was a famous goalkeeper of Dynamo Moscow and the USSR national team Lev Yashin. Last Sunday in the suburban cities of Dmitrov and Shchyolkovo have been initiated final tournaments for boys (age group 14-15 years) and girls (12-13 years).
The final matches of the tournament will be held on September 14 at the field Sports area of the Olympic stadium «Luzhniki» from fifteen: 00 to 18: 00 GMT. A holiday devoted to «Leather ball», will begin at one o’clock. On the square «Luzhniki» will be organized creative and sporting attractions based on football topics. Then will be the Final matches in both groups, as well as the award ceremony all participants of the tournament.
in the tournament «Leather ball» are children who are not involved in school sports facilities and teams in professional football clubs. These competitions are held for 50 years and are the largest in the country. This year the tournament is held in five age categories — up to eleven, to 13 and up to fifteen years for boys, up to eleven, and up to 13 years for girls.
The organizer of the competition is the Ministry of sport and the football Union of Russia with the assistance of the Ministry of education and Autonomous nonprofit organization «Leather ball «»

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