In RFPL called the experiment on introduction of the system of identification of successful fans

In RFPL called the experiment on introduction of the system of identification of successful fans

When purchasing tickets in the fan sector «ruby» was the need to present the card fan with an individual number (ID) assigned to the Premier. To get it you had to enter your data in the database Rubin, indicating the surname, name, patronymic, date of birth and email address, and passport information.
«A lot of people received ID to the beginning of the tournament, there were about 700. From the outset We planned That the fans that contributed their data will reside on a separate sector, But in the end they were all mixed together. In this respect, the experiment was incorrect. However, it is impossible not to notice That the fans of» ruby «in General, behaved splendidly. For this reason, the experiment can be considered successful,» said Matin.
The match was given much attention in the media once in the last month of summer before the match starting round of the championship of Russia between Rubin and Spartak, which was held at the Central stadium, Kazan law-enforcement officers made an offer to a number of fans red-and-white to undress, to make sure That they do not hide firecrackers intracavitary method. Then cheerleaders wrote a complaint to the Prosecutor General and the interior Ministry.
«I think That Today’s match was very good, We all did a good job. Law enforcement agencies have been listening to us. We have not received any complaints — not from Spartak fans or fans of «Rubin». Without a doubt affected, and What We have worked and pre — held a meeting here last Tuesday», — noted he.
«We have not received any signal from the inspection. We own person was present, everything was organized very loyally and correctly. As for cases, when fans were Razuvaev — which can be done in different ways. Today For sports fans prepared a special mats,» he added Matin.
According to Matina, the match was only one detainee — «Spartak» fan.» It happened That one fan suffered the most — or sector did not released or detained everyone. In this case the punishment was given specifically to the offender. On the detainee is currently being drafted the Protocol,» he concluded

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