Hulk until Not fit into the rebuilt when Villas — Base game Zenith, says expert

Hulk until Not fit into the rebuilt when Villas - Base game Zenith, says expert
St. Petersburg football club «Zenit» ward to the position of head coach Andre Villas-Boas has completely rebuilt the game, but the Brazilian Hulk in the new scheme as long as the fit may Not. This opinion in a telephone conversation with the journalist expressed Boris Kuhlow, who played for the blue-white-blue from 1979 to 1989,
«Zenith» on the first day of the weekend defeated «torpedo» in the framework of the second round of the Russian championship With a score of 8: 1.
The main Zenit coach Andre Villas-Boas is working at the club since March, then in resignation was sent to the Italian Luciano Spalletti.
«Today, it was essential that the team completely rebuilt the game, «he told impressions of the tournament with a» torpedo «Chochlow.- The main burden now falls on foreign players — Danny, Hulk, RondГіn, Witsel, and Shatov, Fayzulin, Smolnikov remain rather aloof. The team plays flanks with permanent canopies on RondГіn. I would call it English style, but at slower speeds. Said also that the Hulk in this game until Not fit».
at the same time, said the head of the Department, Zenit remains unpredictable team, and the game with the «torpedo» has revealed its weakness.
Zenit currently completely unpredictable: After obscure games Eelam in the Champions League, where the Team grind out a victory, such a defeat. So that victory can play with a team of cruel joke. The most against the «standard» in the Champions League, because the Belgian Team is very strong. Besides problems Zenit remain. First, «brought» a completely unnecessary goal. I do not understand why we had to foul. Secondly, in the Central area of the defense remains an inconsistency, non-stop at the gate moments arise. In the first half, paired with Lombaerts played Garay, 2 — No, but the problem remained.
«Torpedo», According to Chuhloma, lost the Match even before it started, incorrectly selecting tactics.» in the first half they tried to counterattack, but eventually conceded. After 3-4 goals appeared, tried to do something, but they didn’t work», he added.
The match at the Petrovsky stadium was held without spectators, as the arena was disqualified for two tournaments without spectators and 3 without spectators fans «turn» the Meeting with Dynamo last season. Then the fans of «Zenith» mass ran on the field, on the field and disrupted a meeting, and one of them struck the head of a defender of the Moscow club of Vladimir Grenade.
«of course, pleased that Zenit defeated and scored a lot, but with empty stands, of course, football looks different. Besides, maybe the score would Not be as large. Still playing With the audience is completely different emotions,» the source said.
in the 3rd round of the «torpedo» will take on their field of Amkar Perm (August 12), and Zenit will play on the road with Yekaterinburg Ural» (13). With the «standard» Zenit will play in the play-off round of the Champions League qualification. Meetings will be held on 19 and 26 August

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