Honorary head of the RAF: the working group on the Crimean clubs is a good option For Russia

Honorary head of the RAF: the working group on the Crimean clubs is a good option For Russia
The creation of a working group of the Union of European football associations (UEFA) and the international Federation of football associations (FIFA) on the issue of the status of the Crimean football clubs have become a good option For the Russian side. About it in conversation with the journalist said the Honorary head of the Russian football Union (RFU) Vyacheslav Koloskov.
on Thursday at the meeting of the authorized UEFA, FIFA, the RFU and the football Federation of Ukraine (FFU), it was decided to set up a working group, which is in the middle of October, make a decision on the Crimean football clubs.
«in any situation it is necessary to find a consensus. In this regard, the development of the working group seems to me a good option For the Russian side, » said spikes.- Maybe Ukrainians this decision and was not satisfied, because I read that Authorized the FFU was traveling in Switzerland with the same attitude, hoping that the RFU will be used for serious penalties. But, apparently, common sense prevailed. The arguments of the Russian representatives were significant, which allowed us to come to this conclusion».
«from the working group are Experts, they are expected to understand all the nuances of the problem. Each party will defend its truth. For us it would be an excellent option, If realized our point of view. Clubs playing in the championship of Russia, had never been under the jurisdiction of the FFU. Moreover, all players registered with the RFU. Needless to say, Ukraine Can continue to put spokes in the wheels. Much is depending on the overall situation in the South-East of that state and politically, and economically. If these aspects of the parties will find understanding, and in football will be easier to come to a common opinion,» said the functionary.
Crimean teams were allowed to license the decision of the Executive Department of the RFU at the end of July, and then became members of the second division of the championship of Russia, and this case was appealed by the leadership of the FFU. August 22, UEFA adopted an intermediate solution: not to accept the participation of clubs ECT (Simferopol), SCCP (Sevastopol) and «Pearl» (Yalta) in the 2nd division championship of Russia decided to hold an additional meeting between the interested parties To find common solutions to the provisions

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