Head of refereeing RFU: Parshivlyuk himself provoked its destruction in the game with CSKA

Head of refereeing RFU: Parshivlyuk himself provoked its destruction in the game with CSKA
Football Spartak Parshivlyuk himself to blame for his own destruction Derby against CSKA. About it at the press conference said the head of the Department of refereeing and inspection of the Russian football Union (RFU) Valentin Ivanov.
at the end of the tournament referee meeting Vladislav Bezborodov for unsporting behaviour showed a yellow card to the Spartacus Sergei Parshivlyuk and armeec Cyril Nababkin. For both players, these cards were the second, Which automatically led To their removal from the field.
«Sometimes, people resort To the episode from a certain distance and then something starts to arrange,» said Ivanov.- If Parshivlyuk has resorted there would be a foul and a yellow card to the player CSKA. Everything That happened, happened because of the fact That Spartak came To the scene and began to» shove «the opponent, triggering a brawl».
According to Ivanov, Bezborodov admitted That he had made a mistake in the game CSKA — Spartak, assigning a penalty against the army command in the 61st minute of the game. Goal scored from the penalty spot Dmitry Kombarov, became decisive in the game and brought victory to the red-and-white.
«in General, the work Bezborodova was good and adequate,» added Smith.- Unless episode 11-metre shot, I have No doubt That teams him there would be issues. All yellow cards were shown in the case. Red cards are Silly. The stupidity that happens, but it happens as the fault of the players. What to penalties, I am very sorry it happened. I do not know of a man who Not only said the same in my place. This match worked for more assistants, and it is one of them — Timur Arslanbekov and decided. Bezborodov automatically supported that decision, knowing That the episode happened in the eyes of the assistant. Unfortunately, as I already said, it was a pure simulation, but the simulation is Not explicit. Such episodes happen in any League, at any tournament.»

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