Head coach of FC Lokomotiv Leonid Kuchuk does Not wish to attend team training

Head coach of FC Lokomotiv Leonid Kuchuk does Not wish to attend team training
The head coach of the Moscow football club «Lokomotiv» Leonid Kuchuk’s Not willing to come to team training. About this journalist said agent Belarusian specialist Alexander Tolstikov.
«then How yesterday he (Kuchuk) were Not allowed on base, he can come to the training plans,» said Tolstikov.
Tuesday and Wednesday classes team was led by Igor Cherevchenko.
on the question of whether the absence of Kuchuk on training to be a base for his resignation from Lokomotiv without payment of compensation, the agent replied: «No. No way».
on the first day of the week it was announced that the Belarusian coach was dismissed with a «Locomotive». However, According to Tolstikova, no official papers on this issue was Not signed. So, Kucuk, whose contract with Lokomotiv calculated until the summer of 2016, the fact continues to be the main coach of the team.
Tuesday Kucuk met with a lawyer «Locomotive». Any decisions at the meeting had Not been accepted. In the evening, the coach went to the base of the «Locomotive», However, was Not skipped on site security guards. In conversation with journalist Kucuk noticed that the guards had acted in Accordance with the decree of the President of «Locomotive» Olga Smorodskaya. Authorized specialist wrote to the leadership of the club official letter of request to explain the causes of the conflict.
Tolstikov hopes that in the near future the situation with the status of Kuchuk will be resolved.» I want to believe that today «locomotive» will give us the answer,» he said.
As said a source in the club, in order to terminate the contract with Kucuk, «locomotive «is obliged to pay the coach compensation ?2, 5 million

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