Guus Hiddink: angry at his players, who missed his draw in the game against the Czechs

Guus Hiddink: angry at his players, who missed his draw in the game against the Czechs
The head coach of the Netherlands football team Guus Hiddink has admitted That he was very angry at his players, who missed his draw at the end of the tournament against the Czech Republic at the meeting of the first round of the qualifying tournament of the European championship in 2016.» I had little to be alone, to pull myself together and calm down. It is for this reason I was late for the press conference. It’s a shame to play, passing the ball in added time. We are very silly given draw. The Czechs scored goals after our mistakes. We can only learn from this game,» said Hiddink.
from its side, the head coach of the Czech team Pavel Vrba said That the Czech Republic took extremely important 3 points, winning on home team Netherlands (2: 1). Nevertheless, the results of other meetings of the group And showed That the fight for a place in the final of the tournament will be extremely hard. His words lead the local media.
from the hosts 1st goal scoring Boric DoДЌkal (22nd minute). The Dutch equalized by the efforts of Stephen de Vreya (56). In added time to Win the Czechs brought a good kick vclav PilaЕ™ (91).
«I am very Pleased. The victory was not easy for us, But in the end We were lucky. DoДЌkal scored a wonderful goal in the first half, and then We began to Play from the opponent and wait for His mistakes. To play attacking football would be suicide against a team like the Netherlands. We were obliged to focus on defense and wait for a chance to counterattack,» he noticed Vrba at the postgame press conference.
He also said That after defeating the Netherlands, have experienced tremendous feeling.» But Victory will not buy us qualification to the final tournament. The result of the tournament Iceland — Turkey (3: 0) showed how hard the fight will be in our group. For this reason, these 3 points are very important to us,» said the coach of the Czech team.
Position in the group: 1. Iceland — 3 points (1 match), 2. Czech Republic — 3 (1), 3. Latvia — 1 (1), 4. Kazakhstan — 1 (1), 5. Netherlands — 0 (1), 6. Turkey — 0 (1).
The national team of Cyprus, despite the Victory, remains an outsider to the group, » the coach said Cypriots
The football team of Cyprus, sensationally winning the team of Bosnia and Herzegovina (2: 1) in the first round of the qualifying tournament of European championship 2016 group, his game proved That they were underestimated. This opinion after the meeting was expressed by the head coach of the Cypriot team Charalampos Christodoulos.
Victory Cypriots brought forward Demetris Christofi, who scored both goals for his team.
«Whatever I said about my players and their game will end up a little bit. They have been treated unfairly. And now, whatever happens in our group, We remain outsiders. We played against a strong team in the arena, violently ill against us. But our Guys didn’t get scared, even when he lost the account. The main thing for me is That every player played for myself and partner. The team was United, all helped each other» — quoted expression Christodoulos official Internet portal of the Union of European football associations.
Standings in group B: 1. Wales — 3 (1), 2. Cyprus — 3 (1), 3. Belgium — 0 (0), 4. Israel — 0 (0), 5. Bosnia and Herzegovina — 0 (1), 6. Andorra 0 (1).
The leader of the team Wales Gareth bale: the team it was a Victory over Andorra
Midfielder of real Madrid and the team Leader of Wales Gareth bale, who scored two goals against Andorra in the away match of the first round in group b of the qualifying tournament of European championship 2016, said That the Game was very difficult. About this football player printed in his own microblog on Twitter.
Wales won at this meeting, a strong-willed Victory: conceding a goal in the beginning of the meeting, due to the double Bale she was able to finish the match in their favor (2: 1) and to top the standings of group B.
«happy That We are leaving Andorra with three points. The guys gave a lot of effort to win this match. The game was extremely difficult and took place in difficult conditions,» said the football player

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