Grozny Terek beat Mordovia in the game of the championship of Russia on football

Grozny Terek beat Mordovia in the game of the championship of Russia on football
Players Grozny «Terek» won in his field «Mordovia» in the game of the 4th round of the championship of Russia. Meeting in Grozny at the Akhmat-Arena ended with the score 1: 0.
The teams had to play in extreme weather conditions. The fact that terrible in the last days was established very hot weather, and during the day the temperature reached 40 degrees Celsius. Yes and at the beginning of the game a temperature of not much sleep and was 34 degrees. So the players dropped a difficult test.
in the end, the hosts were better prepared for such conditions, and the Meeting ended in favor of «Terek». The only goal was scored by captain Grozny team Rizvan utsyev in the 69th minute.
This was the third Meeting of these teams in the Premier League and 11th in the history of the conflict in all tournaments. But three matches in the Premier League teams met six times in the first division and twice in the Cup of Russia. Statistics confrontation in favor of «Terek» — 8 wins, 2 draws and 1 defeat. The only time Groznensky lost to saranam in 2009 1/16 finals of the Cup of Russia (1: 2). Their biggest victory over FC Mordovia» «Terek» won in 2004. Then the first round match of the championship of the Russian Federation in the first division ended with the score 5: 0 in favor of grosnez.
«Terek» took «Mordovia» in his field for the sixth time and the previous six matches ended with the victory of grosnez with a total score of 14: 3. However, This was only the third Meeting between these teams took place in Grozny. Two times the teams played in Lermontov, and once in Pyatigorsk.
Head coach of «Terek» Rashid Rakhimov and a mentor, «Mordovia» Yuri Semin at various times headed the capital «locomotive». Rakhimov worked with the city staff since 2008 and April 2009, and Semin — from 1992 to 2005, and similarly in 2009. Besides Rakhimov managed to play for Lokomotiv in 1994 under the leadership of Semin, Semin returned to the coaching post red-green once the resignation has been sent Rakhimov, and Acting Coach appointed Vladimir Maminov.
This Meeting was the second full-time rivalry between the coaches Rakhimov and Semin. In the 1st time their teams played against each loved one in the fall of 2009, and Then the «locomotive» Semin defeated Amkar Rakhimov with the score 1: 0.
Goal of Mordovia, has become the 1st to Uzava next season.
in the upcoming round of «Terek» at home to take 22 August Tula «stocks» and «Mordovia» 2 days later will play away against FC Rostov

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