Goalkeeper Zenith Lodygin: football Dynamo Valbuena played fantastically against us

Goalkeeper Zenith Lodygin: football Dynamo Valbuena played fantastically against us
Player of the Moscow «Dynamo» Mathieu Valbuena had a fantastic game against Zenit and created a large number of questions. This view of the end of the meeting told the journalist Keeper of the St. Petersburg team Yuri Lodygin.
in the game the 7th round of the Czech Republic football Zenit beat Dinamo Moscow — 3: 2. One of the hero of the meeting was the hosts ‘ Goalkeeper Yuri Lodygin, who saved his team from certain goals in several episodes.
«The greatest danger was from the head kicks tall defenders who came in our box on the drawings standard provisions,» said Lodygin.- very nice served with flank Mathieu Valbuena. He made our team a lot of questions».
reviews Lodygina, 1st goal in his goal was scored by the French Legionnaire Dynamo, also testifies to his extraordinary skill.» Even did Not understand, as the ball flew into the goal, » said the Goalkeeper of «Zenit».- This is another evidence of skill Valbuena».
According to the goalkeeper of FC Zenit and Russian national team of the Russian Federation, certain difficulties in preparation for the game was created to Zenit pause associated with the matches of the national teams.» For ten days we didn’t train together, » said Lodygin.- Before such an important game for the national championship This a lot. I don’t think, because This circumstance affected the outcome of the tournament, because the Dynamo were in the same position.
Those who have studied in the school of African football, St. Petersburg will Not scare
The defensive player of the Moscow «Dynamo» Christopher Samba believes that the logical outcome of the meeting would have been a draw.
«of course, We remembered about this game and about the reception We received from the local fans,» said Samba.- Were We afraid? Who played in Africa, St. Petersburg will Not scare».
«we have a little genius — Mathieu Valbuena, said the defensive Player of the capital team.- He scored a fantastic goal. We did Not panic after the second goal and were able to equalise. It is a pity that he missed a draw in the end».
in the 3rd missed the ball, as was pointed out by the defending Player Dynamo, no guilt goalkeeper.» Kick Igor Smolnikov was good, » said Samba.- We Had better defend in the first half, Not to bring the case to an ending».
subsequent Zenit will play on the road September 20 against» Rostov «»

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