Goal Javi Garcia brought the Zenith victory over Lokomotiv in the championship of Russia on football

Goal Javi Garcia brought the Zenith victory over Lokomotiv in the championship of Russia on football
The players of Zenit beat Lokomotiv in the sixth round of the Czech Cup and stuck in 1st place in the standings. The meeting ended with the score 1: 0 in favor of St. Petersburg.
then the tournament in asset Zenit 18 points, «locomotive», located on the eighth position, has only eight points.
in the game in Cherkizovo met silver and bronze winners of the previous season, but it is unlikely that this game was Central to the tour.» Zenith «reputation Manager supports and At the present time, taking the first place in the standings, but the» locomotive «began to fail, this week to all else, and flying from Europa League. Because the favorite in the game depended very easy, and Zenit justify their own status Within 90 minutes bombarding the gates Ilya Abaev. His St. Petersburg reached in the 60th minute when Xavi Garcia scored the own 1st ball t-shirt» Zenit», the first response to the discount Nicolas Lombaerts in the center of the penalty area After a corner. Leonid Kuchuk released Manuel Fernandes, Alan Kasayev and Lady H «in the Game, increasing the attack in response to what Andre Villas-Boas was removed from the field only rated striker Alexander Kerzhakov.» Zenit began to play on the account, and made it very successful. The citizens brought the meeting to victory and secured the 1st place in the standings.
Zenit extended her winning streak at the start of the championship of Russia up to six meetings a Record in the club’s history. St. Petersburg repeated achieve» Dynamo «(1995) and Rubin(2008). The record At this point in time holds the Kazan club 7 straight wins to start the season.
Lokomotiv his series on the contrary interrupted. More than 1 year from 28 July 2013 — the railroad was not lost. The series ended on a mark in 16 games (10 wins and 6 draws). The record belongs to Spartak, who had never known defeat In over 47 (39 wins and 8 draws) home matches at the start of the Championships of Russia.
«Locomotive «in the 7th match in a row failed to beat Zenit. The last time the red-green beat Zenit eleven September 2011 (4: 2)

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